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January 2016

Primary and Early Years Term 2 Events Calendar 2016

January 2016

Tuesday 26th Primary Sports Day -No After School Activities
Friday 29th Class Assembly – 3M

February 2016

Tuesday 2nd Parent workshop – Phonics – Book Fair
Friday 5thChinese New Year Day (wear red/Chinese clothes)
Tuesday 9th Year 2 Thai trip
Wednesday 10th Year 1 Thai trip
Thursday 11th Year 3 Thai trip
Friday 12th Staff INSET – School closed
13th – 21st Half term – School Closed
Monday 22nd Term 2 restarts
Saturday 27th International Day

March 2016

Tuesday 1st World Maths Day
Friday 4th Class Assembly – 2T
Wednesday 9th Fobisia Maths Challenge Team to go to China
Thursday 10th Year 4 Thai trip
Friday 11th Class Assembly -1B
Wednesday 16th KS1 Swimming Gala
Thursday 17th KS2 Swimming Gala
Friday 18th Class Assembly – 1W
Friday 25th Class Assembly – 4P – After school activities end – Early Years Easter Open Afternoon
Wednesday 30thYear 5 and 6 Performance – Reports home
Thursday 31st Parent Consultation

April 2016

Friday 1st Last day of Term 2 – Whole School Songkran celebration
Monday 18th Term 3 starts

IB Biology students extract their own DNA!

Year 12 Biology students successfully extracted their DNA from their own cheek cells. They followed the exact same method that would be used in a CSI forensic science investigation, to collect, separate and purify the DNA. Every student was able to see their DNA and were very excited to be able to take the sample home to show their family.

By Mr. Marc Curran, Head of Science

Messages from the Heads Week 18

From Head of Secondary, Mr. Brian Irving

a-Brian_0002webDear Parents,
This week has seen the Secondary School engaged in sports’ fixtures, a Parent-Teacher Consultation as a follow-up to the Year 11 and 13 Mock Exams and 4 UK university visits. Next week has even more going on.
On Wednesday 27th, around 30 UK universities and college will be visiting school to give information about their courses, talk and advise students and some will be presenting what their institutions can offer. This will be followed up by an afternoon of seminars on topics as diverse as writing personal statements with impact to getting the most out of your university years. Parents are most welcome to come to the fair.
Saturday 30th sees our annual Music Scholarship Auditions taking place where talented musicians from across the city, and beyond, will be performing in order to try and secure a Regent’s Scholarship Award.
Of course, learning and teaching both continue among everything else taking place!

From Head of Primary, Mrs. Rachel Perkins

Dear Parent,

a-Rachel_0002webThis week has been fun filled and very busy. The highlight of the week with the Early Years Sports Day with which many parents joined their children in lots of athletic activities. The rain clouds did not dampen our spirits and we were lucky enough to complete all the tasks including the running races. All of the children had a fabulous time competing and showed great potential. Many thanks goes to the PE department for all their organisation and support particularly Mr Bond for his tireless energy.

Have a wonderful weekend!
With best wishes,

Key Stage 3 Regent’s Stars

Congratulations to this term’s Key Stage 3 Regent’s Stars! These students achieved outstanding grades on their Term 1 report – scoring an average below 1.3 (1 = significantly above average, 4 = significantly below average) for their effort grades.


Our Stars are: Y7 – Baipat, Y8 – Alex, Plub and Shree, Y9 Ken, Khawpann, Midi, Sarah and Sunny. I look forward to seeing more Key Stage 3 students join the list of Stars next term.

1st Football Fixture of the Season: U13 boys

The Regent’s School kicked off the season with a 1-1 draw against a local International School in what was a sweltering affair. The team led by Captain Tor Aminsen have had a build up of 15 weeks preparation for their first away game and excitement was high.


The game was dominated by the Regent’s team but confidence in front of goal proved costly as the home side went ahead early into the second half. Some fine forward burst from Tor pressured the opposition defence but it was a calculated long range strike by Max Watson that pulled things level. There were some good performances by Jimmy, Ann-ann and Amey.

Areas to improve for our next encounter involve being more confident and decisive in our abilities.

By Mr. Lee Burns, Head of Physical Education & sport

Psychology Student Essay: Secrets to Impeccable Memory

Have you ever wondered why you forget things so easily? Ever wondered why other people have a better memory than yours? If you have, then you can now get your answers! Discover the truth behind the mystery of the human memory and the secret to improving YOUR OWN memory!

But first, to improve your memory, you must understand its concept.

Memory is a complex system, which has been a focus of much scientific research. This has resulted in two theories of memory.

The first is when you memorize through rehearsal, which is called the Multi-store Model of Memory proposed by Atkinson and Shiffrin. Memory has 3 stores. Firstly, the sensory store, where memory is held for less than a second. If you pay attention to it, then it is transferred to the short-term memory where it stays for around 10 seconds. If you continue the repetition of the words in short-term memory, then they will be transferred to long-term memory where they will last for an indefinite period of time.

The second suggests that you memorize through deep understanding, which is called the Levels of Processing theory. Famous Researchers Craik and Tulving have performed an experiment that clearly shows that our memory functions the best when the meanings of words and sentences are understood rather than just by observing their physical appearances or phonemic sounds.

Now we know that impeccable memory is not only about repeating the terms again and again or only understanding them. The secret to impeccable memory is that you must apply a combination of both of these, and then only will you be able to achieve success.

This might sound difficult but there are many simple ways in which you can improve your memory without it feeling like a tedious task.

1. Create associations.
When trying to remember anything new, try to form a mental image of it or relate it to something you already know. This way you will be able to remember it easily.

2. Divide and conquer!
When you have a lot of things to remember, divide them into smaller or similar groups so they are easier to remember. For example, if you have to remember the number 123498764567, it may seem difficult. But by dividing it {1234-9876-4567}, the task becomes much easier.

3. Using acronyms.
For example, the colors of the rainbow: VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red).

4. Get enough Zs.
Sleep is extremely important for your body to function properly.

5. And lastly, stop thinking you have a bad memory.

Everyone has the same memory ability. The only difference is how you utilize it. So make the most of your memory and reap the benefits of having an impeccable memory yourself!

By Thinley Choden, Y12 Psychology student


The English Department would like to congratulate the following students for being January 2016’s ‘English Stars of the Month’ for exemplary behaviour and effort.
Star of the week
Jeong Woo – Year 11
Jeong Woo has worked extremely hard to improve his English over the last year; he has made so much progress that he has been moved up two sets. He is the perfect example that ‘hard work really does pay off’!

Deep – Year 13
Deep’s grades have improved steadily during his time in the IB Language and Literature course. He takes on board feedback given by the teacher, reads the texts carefully and is mindful to structure his essay responses effectively. Well done Deep!


MayMay – Year 8
MayMay worked extremely hard during term One; so hard, in fact, that she has been moved into Set 1. She takes great care with homework and always listens carefully in class, most of all, she makes great efforts to read at home which is why she has won the award this month!

The KS2 Primary choir make a great start

The KS2 Primary Choir are singing really well already! We are getting ready for International day and a performance that will take place on our Estonian evening.

New Primary Class Leaders

Many congratulations to our new class leaders for Term 2!

class leaders.jpg
1W Alon and Chloe
1B Popiang and Ben
2T Emily and Justin
2F Wei Xuan and Nano
3V Pitta and Tito
3M Raina and Peem
4P Wan Xin and Albert
4G Boom and Cake
5T May and Keane
5D Lyla and Sungjoon
6N Hero and Neena
6J Genome and Cream

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