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July 2017

Donation to Good Shepherd Sisters

Community service is in the heart of Regent’s approach to well rounded learning. The school provides students with various opportunities to give back something to the community and during the 2016-2017 academic year students raised over 100,000 Baht via fundraising activities for our charity partners.
One such partner is Good Shepherd Sisters, a day care, help center and a home for the needy.
The school has supported them for many years and this year The Good Shepherd Sisters will put the donations towards improving their day care facilities. Thank you to our students and parents for their generosity.

IBDP Achievement

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Head Boy Adarsh and Head Girl Mint for both achieving an amazing IB Diploma score of 42 out of 45. This is 40% higher than the world average.  During their time at Regent’s both students were role models, contributing towards many school activities and fulfilling their role as young leaders.
We wish them and all our graduates the best for their future.



DD TENNIS Summer Camp

The DD TENNIS Summer Camp, which had 2 groups, Stage 3 (Red Ball) and Stage 2 (Orange Ball), and took place every weekday for 3 weeks, concluded on Friday 14 July.

The students were very committed and showed enthusiasm in the development of their tennis skills at the DD TENNIS Summer Camp.

Their achievements are as follows:

  • Stage 1 (Red Ball) Group
    • James and Emmy, who started playing tennis for the very first time at the DD TENNIS Summer Camp; yet by the end of course, they were regularly hitting all 5 core tennis shots: i.e. forehand and backhand ground strokes and volleys, and the smash
    • Shaan, who learnt and executed well ‘ net approach shots’,  ‘down the line’ and ‘cross court’ low hard- hitting shots ‘; as well as learning both volleys and the smash for the first time
    • James for earning an invitation to the DD TENNIS Stage 4 (Foam Ball) Academy for Reception
    • Shaan for earning an invitation to the DD TENNIS Stage 3 Academy (Red Ball) for Year 1 & 2
  • Stage 2 (Orange Ball) Group
    • Jump, Kevin, MJ, and Taipei, all from Year 5, for achieving all their Stage 2 (Orange Ball) certificates
    • As a result, all these 4 students received invitations to the DD TENNIS Stage 1 (Green Ball) Academy for Year 5 & 6
    • Also, a special mention to Taipei, who started playing tennis  for the very first time at the DD TENNIS Summer Camp. So under these circumstances, to pass all Stage 2 certificates, really was an amazing achievement
    • Great, the most experienced player in the group for winning the most games, such as ‘Five shots’. ‘Jailbreak’, and “Beat the Coach’
    • Samar, who showed great courage and determination by agreeing to change from holding his racket in his right hand to his left hand, which was proven to be the right decision, as it actually resulted in a significant improvement to his performance; even just after one week.
    • Finally, well done to Tham, who started Stage 2 (Orange Ball) tennis for the first time, and was hitting great forehands and backhands from the baseline within just a few days

These outstanding achievements demonstrate clearly how extremely successful DD TENNIS Summer Camp was for all those who attended!


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