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English Language Development

Secondary Speech Competition

Speech Competition at The Regent’s International School, Bangkok

Every year the English department kick of the first term with speech competitions. This year students had to write a rant with the title ‘Don’t Get Me Started On…’
We saw rants on a whole range of topics, from K-Pop, to pollution, to gender inequality and more. As well as being great fun, the students have also been practising their skills of communication, persuasive writing and how to structure a argument.
Well done to all speech writers!

Spooky Creative Writing – Year 9

Year 9 have been practising their writing skills this term. Together we watched a short film called ‘Alma’ about a little girl who comes across a mysterious toy shop and a doll who looks just like her. Year 9 students used a range of senses and ‘show don’t tell’ techniques to recreate the story in writing. You can see their attempts here:

English Week at Primary

The Regents Primary celebrated English Week in the first week after half term. We looked at telling different stories from around the world and performed them in a whole school assembly. We were lucky enough to have various students and staff from secondary come in to share stories from their cultures too. Mr Graham ran a music session with the year 6’s, Year 12 students did a storytelling session with year 3,4 and 5 and Mr Treaty ran a drama session with Year 1 and 2. Everything was a great success!

Carnegie Book Award Shadowing

The CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals are the UK’s oldest and most prestigious children’s book awards. Often described by authors and illustrators as ‘the one they want to win’ – they are the gold standard in children’s literature.

Readers in Secondary School have been reading and reviewing this year’s shortlist . The shortlist and our reviews are all on our Shadowing Homepage – take a look for some reading inspiration!


Junior Dublin Literary Award, Thailand

As usual, when this year’s Dublin Literary Award came around, our students jumped at the chance to enter. We have always had keen ‘masters of the pen’ in this school; this academic year was no different. If you are a Thai citizen or hold a Thai passport, then you were free to enter the competition and potentially win a trip to Ireland.

The theme this year was ‘a journey’ and students were allowed to write in a style of their choice as long as it was in keeping with this theme. We had several entrants this year, although we were pleased to learn after the deadline that our Y11 student Mona had reached the shortlist and was invited to the Rembrandt Hotel to celebrate.

We are very proud of the efforts and achievements of all of our students in this competition and look forward to continued success.

– Miss Heather Neill, Head of English

MUN at Regent’s Pattaya


As this is my first MUN conference, it was definitely a nervous experience. My position, in this MUN conference, was the delegate of Japan, in the United Nations Security Council.

Even though our topic sounds a little bit serious (Nuclear disarmament and ISIS), I still found many aspects of this conference to be rather enjoyable and fascinating. During the Conference, the most climatic and interesting part, would be the debating part, where the winners were not directly recognised by their academic intelligence; but were recognised by their skills of providing an answer that protects their idea from criticism. It is the time, for the keenest people, to shine their true selves. I found it very fascinating watching these people do what they were truly born for; as it’s not an ability that the majority possess.

Outside the room, socialising with all the delegates was truly enjoyable, as most of the MUN attendants seemed to possess a very specific characteristic, that I cannot put into words. In general; they are all very confident and clear on expressing who they are and what their interests are. They are all keen and vivacious. I have made many friends from this MUN conference, many of which will definitely keep in touch, and will grow a strong bond of relationships with me.

Overall, it was a splendid experience, where loquacious, keen and confident people should try at least once in their lifetime. Even if you’re not the most keen or loquacious person in your school, this is the experience that will definitely build up the confidence within you, and your speaking skills. Also, the food is nice.

–  By Earth Saereepapsakol (Year 12 student)

World Book Day at Secondary

“Awesome!”, said one of the Regent’s students, about the largest, ‘World Book Day’ celebration in the history of The Regent’s International School, Bangkok. If you were looking for a peaceful and calm event, this World Book Day celebration was not for you; for every second of the event, your attention was demanded by the many activities the Y12 students devised for you.

The choice of books characters that the students and teachers chose to be dressed as was splendid and remarkable; from a Psychopathic Murderer, Patrick Bateman from ‘American Psycho,’ to the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter from ‘Alice in the Wonderland’, to the Luch Lady Superhero. And since we put in all of our effort, there was a reward, for everyone to enjoy; the spectacular Fashion Show that filled the secondary building with joy and laughter. All of our memories were captured by our photo booth team, so we can enjoy the moment forever.

Despite all the fun and excitement of the day, the Treasure Hunt, Thai authors and Book Log, the World Book Day celebration is more meaningful than that. Generally, it is a celebration of authors, illustrators, and books around the world, but it is also a day that reminds everyone to appreciate reading and literature. Especially in this modern age, when people grows fond of new types of media, and less fond of the old, classical type of media; books. Overall, it was an amazing day for all of us, the funds raised are being donated to the Free School Foundation in Thailand so we can help others learn to read and share the joy of literature.

– Earth, Y12

House Debate Competition

Tensions were high in Secondary in the week beginning 22nd January as the whole school got involved in the House Debate Competition.  Students from years 7 to 12 participated in the researching, planning and presentation of debate speeches all on the theme of ‘Internationalism’.  Every student involved showed confidence and passion as they developed skills of evaluation and English language on the debating stage.  The competition ended in a tie between Blue and Yellow Houses.  Well done to all debaters!



IB English Language and Literature lessons have been exciting this week with our Y12 cohort sitting their very first Further Oral Activity. In response to the topic ‘Language in a Cultural Context’, the students performed a role play where they had to demonstrate their knowledge of how our culture, gender, age and ethnicity can determine the way we both utilise and understand language. From YouTube videos, speeches, television debates to ‘mockumentaries’, the students engaged their audience with fine theatrical skills, making full use of props and costumes. The week has been highly entertaining and has left Miss Neill and Mr Anderson full of pride that we have such hardworking and talented students.

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