As this is my first MUN conference, it was definitely a nervous experience. My position, in this MUN conference, was the delegate of Japan, in the United Nations Security Council.

Even though our topic sounds a little bit serious (Nuclear disarmament and ISIS), I still found many aspects of this conference to be rather enjoyable and fascinating. During the Conference, the most climatic and interesting part, would be the debating part, where the winners were not directly recognised by their academic intelligence; but were recognised by their skills of providing an answer that protects their idea from criticism. It is the time, for the keenest people, to shine their true selves. I found it very fascinating watching these people do what they were truly born for; as it’s not an ability that the majority possess.

Outside the room, socialising with all the delegates was truly enjoyable, as most of the MUN attendants seemed to possess a very specific characteristic, that I cannot put into words. In general; they are all very confident and clear on expressing who they are and what their interests are. They are all keen and vivacious. I have made many friends from this MUN conference, many of which will definitely keep in touch, and will grow a strong bond of relationships with me.

Overall, it was a splendid experience, where loquacious, keen and confident people should try at least once in their lifetime. Even if you’re not the most keen or loquacious person in your school, this is the experience that will definitely build up the confidence within you, and your speaking skills. Also, the food is nice.

–  By Earth Saereepapsakol (Year 12 student)