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September 2015

Under 15 Girls Basketball Victory!

Well done to our U15 girls basketball team who claimed a victory last week! Read Lissa’s report below.

On Wednesday 23rd September, Regents basketball Under 15 girls played against Charter. Our team includes Pin Y9, Shan Shan Y9, Na Y9, Sunny Y9, Rose Y9, Xin Xin Y9, Silvia Y9, Ploy Y10, Lhaki Y10 and Lissa Y10. Everybody did their best to compete, and everybody enjoyed the game. We won by 16 – 4, the whole team was very happy and excited because we won the game on our first match of this season. For us, it’s not about winning, it’s about the experience and the friends we make along the way.

By Lissa Wonson

Player of the match goes to Lissa, who scored two baskets and lead by positive example as captain for her team. – Ms. Rebecca Edwards, PE Teacher


The following students have been given a special award by their teacher for an exemplary attitude, hard work and dedication to learning. Read on to find out more!

photo (5)KS3
Jija – Y7

Jija has been exceptionally enthusiastic in the first few weeks and is always the first to put her hand up and answer a question. She has worked hard on her speech, and has shown real creativity in her writing.

Dr Sweeting

photo (6)KS4

Beck – Y11

Beck has shown incredible maturity and conscientiousness since the term began. His homework is completed to a high standard, he is giving 100% effort in class and has shown a monumental improvement in attitude since Y10 – well done Beck!

Miss Neill

photo (7)KS5

Mint – Y12

For her commitment, hard work and excellent presentation Mint deserves to be KS5 Student of the Month.  Mint’s work is detailed, thorough and well considered and shows sophistication and maturity in both ideas and execution.  Well done Mint.

Mrs Brookes

TISAC Table Tennis Competition

Mr Riddelsdell took 8 Students from Year 10 & 11 to the TISAC Table Tennis Competition held at Heathfield’s school on Thursday 24th, September. There was a boys and Girls Competition. Lita, Cookie, Sonam and Tilly represented the girls. JS, Woo, Tyler and Ryan represented the boys.

There was good competition from the likes of Charter, Ascot, BCIS, Concordian, KIS, Heathfield, St Andrew’s and of course The Regent’s. Everybody enjoyed their pool games but Cookie was the only one to come through to the semi-final which she won. So The Regent’s was represented in one of the finals which was contested over three games. It was very close but unfortunately Cookie lost in the third game 11-8 but still came away with the silver medal.

Primary Health Day

On Wednesday the children took part in our first Health Day. The children enjoyed activities during their lunch time break which focused on keeping fit and increasing concentration. Prizes were won by children in an art competition and the organisers praised the quality of the colouring and shading. Mrs Perkins was proud to present the winners with their prizes during line up the next day.

English Learning Environment Awards & Important Dates (Primary)

September 2015

29th–  Maths Workshop – 8.20 am

30th – Jolly Phonics Book Fair/Early Years Phonics Workshop 14.30

October 2015

1st – Thurs Jolly Phonics Book Fair

2nd – Friday Class Assembly – 4G 14.00

5th – Monday RE Week

7th – Weds Ipad Workshop

9th – Friday Class Assembly – 4P 14.00

12th – Mon Parent workshop re Science Day

15th – Thurs World Food Day

16th – Friday Staff INSET – school closed

17th – 25th Half Term

26th – Mon Term 1 restart

30th – Friday Halloween Dress Up Day

English Learning Environment Awards 150924

PN 1- Anya

PN 2 – Cougar

ND –  Kanteap

RP – August

RN – I am

1B – Su Hyun

1W – Ing

2T – Seb

2F – Wei Xuan

3V – Earn

3M – Treasure

4P –  Tasya

4G – Miyu & Juna

5T – Phenix

5D – Praew

6J –  Data

6N – Chris

Mr Vosko Stephen 4P

Mrs Sirisom- Nanako 6N

Mr Rumple – Jenny 3V

Mr Brown Kaopan 5D

Children visit brand new EM Playground!

On Tuesday 9 children from the Primary school were invited to attend a press conference at the new EM playground. The children were escorted by Mrs Perkins and Miss Star and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The children were perfectly behaved and represented the school very well indeed. When the children returned to school they spoke out the visit in line up so they could share their experience with their classmates.

All families are welcome to join the Grand Opening on the 30th of September at 4pm.

Boarding Catch Up: Weekday activities, Birthdays, Football Matches & Beach Trips!

We have had a busy time in the boarding house recently. On Wednesday nights, secondary and primary teachers have
continued to come into the house to run activities for the boarders. They have enjoyed pizza making, baking, jewellery making, painting, bench-ball, learning about Ancient Egypt and Pictionary. We would like to thank all the teachers for their hard work preparing these fun activities for everyone to take part in.

We have also been celebrating some birthdays. We all enjoyed some delicious cake with Phoom, Davit, Kuenze and Bell and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to them.

The Boarding house also had cause to celebrate when the boys drew with Ascot 5-5 in a football match last week. We were pleased with their performance but hope that they can beat the teaching staff when the boarders take them on in October. Not only do we want to be football champions on October 9th but we are also hoping that we can beat the teachers at rounders and basketball too! 

Ten boarders are going to Koh Si Chang with Mr and Mrs Harrison for the long weekend and they can’t wait to relax on the beach, visit the Rama V Palace and Buddha’s Footprint and take a skylab tour of the island. We are also hoping to eat some amazing Thai food and watch a sunset over the sea.

Future Global Leaders Program

We were lucky enough to be invited by the University of Tohoku for their annual future global leaders program. The five days in Sendai, Japan, was an unforgettable experience for the both of us. Not only did we get an insight of the university, but we also had the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Sendai and it’s culture.

University Of Tohoku

IMG-20150805-WA0002Tohoku University is one of the top 100 university in the world. Recently, they began the Future Global Leadership Program which is taught in English and focuses on engineering, chemistry and marine biology.

On our first day, we had a fantastic welcoming reception and experienced Japanese flower arranging and got to meet some of the students at the University. On the second day, we visited laboratories where the professors gave us lectures. Both laboratories have various machinery that are more advanced than anything we’ve seen before. Furthemore, we had the opportunity to hear about the projects that the senior students were working on.

Moving on to the department of chemistry, this was the most interesting course for us and the lecture about DNA replication was something to remember. On the final day, we went to the marine biology laboratories which focuses on marine life and oceanography. The marine biology course is unique to the other two as students are required to work on the field by going deep sea diving every couple of weeks. They also taught us how to measure the age of fish which is very interesting. WP_20150806_15_24_45_Pro

Life in Sendai     

Sendai translate to “the city of trees” and lives up to its name. We came at the right time, as there was a festival going on and fireworks display lit up the city on our second day. Sendai is quite a small city and you can get around easily with a bike or even by walking. With our free time we went around exploring the city with the university students we’ve met. We learned more about Japanese culture and on our last day we went to a temple for meditation.WP_20150806_14_23_48_Pro Sight seeing was definitely the main highlight of the trip as Sendai was a very peaceful city with lots of places to visit and rich in Japanese culture. People were very humble and friendly this is one reason why we love Japan. All in all, it has been an unforgettable experience and it was a privilege to be part of the FGL program. We would like to thank everyone who has made this experience possible for us and highly recommend that everyone should participate in similar events.

By: Daffa & Mint, Year 12

A visit to Sendai, city of trees

Mr Anderson with Daffa and Mint.

In early August I accompanied two year 12 students, Daffa and Mint, to Tohoku University in Sendai for their Future Global Leaders summer school. While there, we experienced the famous Japanese hospitality as we visited the University campus, facilities and student accommodation, and attended lectures and presentations about the Future Global Leaders science and engineering courses.

Sendai City, situated in central Miyagi Prefecture, is the largest city in the Tohoku region. Sendai is known as the “City of Trees.” The main avenues, Aoba-dori and Jozenji-dori, are lined with rows of beautiful zelkova trees. Trees can even be found in the covered shopping area, Ichibancho Arcade. The impressive university campus is equally green, and is laid out on the hillside above the town.

For me, the highlight of the trip had to be our visit to a Japanese Buddhist temple and gardens. After an enthralling Buddhist prayer ceremony, we entered the main garden where stepping stone pathways and bridges circle central ponds filled with colourful Japanese Koi carp. Partially obscured in the distance is a three storied pagoda. A tea house, Buddhist cemetery, and tombs of relatives of the Date clan are also at the temple. We enjoyed a stroll through the gardens, stopping for plenty of photographs.

Something else which made the trip particularly memorable was the overwhelming noise of cicada insects everywhere. Tanna japonensis, also called the evening cicada is a species of cicada, a family of insects distributed throughout East Asia, and is most common in Japan. Its shrill call can be heard most often in the morning and evening. The incredible volume and range of sound emanating from these insects has to be heard to be believed.

We were fortunate to be present for the Tanabata Festival, held every summer in Sendai. This Buddhist festival is one of the three greatest festivals in the Tohoku region, attracting crowds of over 2 million every year. Gorgeous decorations made with bamboo and Japanese paper, are put up in the shopping arcades in front of Sendai Station and in the shopping malls.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our all-too-brief visit to Japan. The Future Global Leaders summer school is an annual event, so hopefully I will go back next year with more Regent’s students.

By Mr. Shane Anderson, Key Stage 3 Teacher

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