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Year 10 Students head to Singapore to take part in a Model United Nations Conference

On 19-21 January, a group of thirteen year 10 Global Perspectives students spent 3 days and 2 nights in Singapore. Here they participated as delegates in a Model United Nations conference, discussing issues such as The South China Sea Crisis, Cyber Security and the development of Smart Cities. Regent’s students represented a diverse range of countries, such as China, DR Congo, Afghanistan and Uruguay. They discussed important global issues from their country’s perspective, teaming up with allies along the way. As well as the academic side of the trip, our students made friends with students from other schools in Asia, and enjoyed some shopping and dining in downtown Singapore.

This was the students’ first MUN conference and they did a great job. We hope it will be the first of many!

Students exchange programme

The Regent’s International School Bangkok has the pleasure of welcoming 8 exchange students from 3 different schools this half term. We welcome Ellie, Jemma, Brooke and Mia from Scotch Oakburn School in Tasmania who will be with us for 2 weeks. They’ve been paired with four of our own girls (Janine, Natalie, Proud, Bell) who will then fly out with the Tasmanian girls and spend 2 weeks in their schools. Also from the Australian region, we have Maddison Weir in Year 10 who’s here a tad longer, until December. She’s from St. Phillip’s College located in the breathtaking town of Alice Springs. Both of these Australian exchanges are made through the Round Square network we maintain continuously. The 3 remaining girls on exchange are from Hakuho Girls High-School in Hokkaido, Japan. This has been running for a while and we welcome Yuna, Ellie and Mizuho and hope they’re going to enjoy themselves. School exchanges allow students to learn more about the world around them and Regent’s encourages this global outreach. 


Round Square Conference in South Africa

The Round Square delegates came back to Thailand on the Friday 6th of October, after a week full of adventures, discoveries and inspirational speeches at the International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

The first day of the Conference brought together 1,000 young people from more than 50 countries. In the spirit of Africa, the event opened with all the students and adults taking part in percussion and drumming performance. The Regent’s flag was proudly carried across the stage as we took part in the welcome ceremony. Music and dance formed the basis of the remainder of the ceremony as the young people from the three host schools entertained everyone.

The following days were just as rewarding with more inspirational speakers, IDEALS events activities and surprising food discoveries, namely the traditional South African barbecue (called a Braai).

With educational programs and trips like these, we want our students to be exposed to new cultures and exchange with people from all over the world. Here at The Regent’s International School Bangkok, we are sure that this trip has given our students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge.
We hope they will keep in touch with their new friends and save great memoirs from the Round Square International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Eco Fashion Week

At The Regent’s International School Bangkok, the students are very concerned about the disastrous consequences of climate change, pollution or waste disposal. The teachers and the round square community are working closely together to improve the students’ attitudes towards recycling.

During the whole year, students will be involved in some fun and exciting activities to raise awareness about the environmental issues that our world is facing.

For the last few weeks, secondary students were challenged with designing and creating clothes by using recycled materials. The school audience was indeed quite impressed by their artistic abilities.

Year 10 Outdoor Education Trip

53 of our finest year 10 students set off for the time of their lives! We traveled up to the Petcharat Scout Camp early on Monday morning full of excitement and anticipation. As soon as we arrived, we were divided into groups, shown our rooms and then set off to our activities. The students were given the opportunity to take part in a Cave Exploration, a Mountain Bike Safari and a Jungle Trek – with the chance to swim at the pool of a beautiful waterfall. The Students were also challenged with our 6 stage adventure race!
I though it was fantastic to see so many of our students enjoying and pushing themselves in activities that they may have never had the chance to take part in before; and to see the the spirit and teamwork that came from this was excellent!

– Craig Harrison (Outdoor Coordinator)

Round Square Week 2017

From the Round Square coordinator in Primary:

We had an exciting Round Square week in Primary this year. Our little adventurers showed their bravery by scaling the heights of the climbing walls in the racquet club. Many students also tried Parkour for the first time.

Our little environmentalist learned about endangered animals and conservation in our Eco Warriors activity. They made posters and animal masks to educate the whole school community.

Our international and cultural activities focused mainly on Thailand. Students learned how to cook famous Thai dishes and enjoyed Thai arts and crafts at Sampran riverside. Some children spent a day learning Thai dance. One of our most popular activities was Going Bananas. The children made banana desserts and also made toys from banana leaves.

From the Round Square coordinator in Secondary:

This year for Round Square Week the students focused on the theme of ‘Discover more…Seek, Search and Explore’. The initiative of the week was to push students to try new activities and empower them to develop new skills. Thus, enhancing their understanding of the spirits of the Round Square IDEALS.

The Laos Service Trip was an invaluable opportunity for students to visit the UXO Centre in Luang Prabang, raise awareness and engage in activities to explore their surroundings such as kayaking and cooking.

On campus, a group of year 9 students created a colourful mural painting to celebrate ‘International Festivals’. During the week, the Animal Welfare project brought rescue dogs and police dogs into school to raise awareness of and educate students about the issue and local animal shelters. In addition, the on-campus carousel allowed students to experience and try a variety of activities from sports, creating art from waste to Tai Qi and meditation.

The Off-Campus ‘Discovery’ carousels facilitated participation in activities which incorporated a number of IDEALS. In the Seek carousel, the students tried their hand at wakeboarding, visited exhibitions by international artists at the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre and were educated about local wildlife conservation at the Bang Phra Bird Sanctuary. Meanwhile, in the Search carousel students learned about sustainable farming at Farm De Lek, prepared traditional Thai dishes and trained in natural and body weight movements at Asia Parkour. Lastly, the Explore carousel involved a lot of adventure with zip-lining at the Flight of the Gibbon, cycling in the Bangkok Jungle in Bang Kra Jao, and a day visiting the Chinese Cultural Centre.


Play in a Day

The children wrote the play from scratch and performed it to Early Years – all in the space of one day!
The play was called “Friends Whatever” that helped them think about being kind to each other as well as having an adventure creating the play!



Primary students have been learning about endangered species. They researched and found out that humans are mostly the cause!  They saw short videos of conservation projects and found out what we can do to help.  Picking up litter in the playground made sure that our school environment is safe for all living creatures.  They also made fabulous masks of an endangered animal.

Round Square Mural Painting

This term, Year 9 students wanted to paint a large mural inspired by our very successful International Day. We took influences from the different festivals of the world which were celebrated on that day. Trying to keep it as colourful and vibrant as possible whilst also showing off the amazing blending and paining skills of the girls involved. Well done Kitty, Paer, Dao, Naja, Gift, Guitar, Mimi S and Jammie!

– Felicity Harris (Head of Art Dept)


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