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May 2016

Welcome from the Head of Secondary

In many schools the latter weeks of Term Three tend to be a bit of a gentle wind down to the holidays…but not here! This week alone we have our Year Seven Outdoor Education Trip, an Environmental Trip to the Korean island of Jeju and of course the long awaited end to the IBDP examinations followed by the equally long anticipated Graduation and Senior Social. Whilst some may long for a slow and steady canter into the Summer break, there is something exciting about a school where learning and activities related to holistic education continue to the very final day. Even in our final week of the year, the PE Department are organising a Swimming Gala with a ‘twist’ on Wednesday 22nd June. What that is, you will have to join us to find out…

What’s happening in Boarding


Many of our students are currently in the middle of their IGCSE and IB exams, and busy revising hard. From all the staff, and their fellow students, we wish them the best of luck, and feel their pain with all that hard work and long hours studying!

Last weekend a large group of our boarding students, those that were not busy studying for exams, ran a service activity on our boarding campus. Local children from the surrounding streets were invited onto campus to make use of our great facilities. Our boarders ran football and painting sessions for them, and finished up supervising a swim session. It was great to see the children so happy and active, and equally great to see our boarders leading activities. Coming up this week in boarding we have a ‘Bow Fight’ company coming onto campus. This is a little bit like paint-ball, but with Velcro bows and arrows to make a Hunger Games style battlefield. They will be setting up their urban fortress on our football pitch and lots of boarders have signed up. This looks like great fun and no doubt there will be plenty of staff trying to get involved too (myself included!)

English Learning Environment Award

English Learning Environment Awards

PN 1- Isabella PN 2 – Cougar ND – Gaga RP – Pai RN – Nadee 1B – Titan 1W – Roxby 2T – Mario 2F – Sonic 3V – Pam 3M – Pann 4P – Putty 4G – Kenzo 5T – Zidi 5D – Pas 6N – Bless 6J – Genome Mr Vosko – Olivia 4G Mr Brown – Jay 4P Mrs Sirisom – Arfaa 3V Mr Rumple – Fure 5D

Pirates versus Mermaids

On the 18th of May 2016 the children in Year 3 and 4 performed an exciting show in the Regent’s School called Pirates versus Mermaids. The show started at 1 pm and ended at 2 pm. The children did a good job being confident in front of the big audience and they had a lot of fun. They had lots speeches, singing, dancing and shyness. Mrs Perkins said the costumes were adorable and the children remembered their words very nicely and everything was good. The children practiced a lot and had a dress rehearsal on Tuesday. Mrs Vansoh lost her voice and she was very brave because even though she lost her voice she still came to school. Mrs Vansoh said the show was very good and that all the children had worked hard. by Pann Year 3M

Welcome from the Head of Primary

Dear Parent, welcome to this weeks newsletter, it has been yet another busy week in the Primary and Early Years this week. On Monday we saw our badminton team competing in the TISAC competition and the children were very successful and we won the under 11 mixed doubles gold position. On Wednesday Year 3 and 4 entertained us with their show of Pirates versus Mermaids and all the parents complimented the children on their great singing and acting ability. It was a wonderful team effort by all involved. On Friday we were joined by over 50 grandparents as part of our annual grandparents day. The children were very proud to show their grandparents around the school and visit their classrooms and enjoy a delicious lunch. Next week will be busy again with our FOBISIA squad competing in the games at Bromsgrove and I would like to take this opportunity to wish them all the very best.

with best wishes Rachel

IB pupils attend ‘Quantum Day’

On Tuesday 10th May, three Year 12 IB students attended ‘Quantum Day’ at Bangkok Patana School. Utsav, Veli and Renaka had the opportunity to complete experiments in which they observed light as a particle or a wave. The aim of the day was to decide whether light is a particle or a wave, following in the footsteps of physicists such as Einstein, Maxwell and Planck. All the students really enjoyed the day and had the opportunity to work with students from ten other International schools situated in Bangkok. All took away an added understanding of quantum weirdness and were left pondering whether light is particle, wave, both or neither.

New Early Year Role Play


The Reception children are having fun playing in the new Early Years role play hospital. They are enjoying pretending to be doctors, patients and nurses and it is helping them to learn more English as well as to interact cooperatively with their peers.

Childhood in Victorian Britain


Year 5 have been learning about life as a Victorian child in Britain. Poor children could not afford to buy toys, so they made their own. Some children used a clothes peg to make a doll.

We made our own modern versions of a peg doll. They are amazing!

Welcome from the Head of Secondary

Schools are exciting places to be. Every day is different, each with its moments of success and challenge. This is even more the case during the external examination period where scores of students are busily revising, preparing and finger-crossing for the ‘right’ questions to come up in their end of course assessments, some of which may even determine the next stage of their lives. Martin Luther King Jr said: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”, very apt for our Year 11 and 13 students at the moment. We wish them all well, not luck, because luck has very little to do with examination success! Past and personal experience has shown that hard work, determination and a desire to succeed will beat luck every time. As the actor Denzel Washington said: “I believe that luck is when an opportunity comes along, and you’re prepared for it”. All I can say is that the students and staff have laboured intensively to ensure that the tools for success are sharp and ready for action. Do well!

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