Many of our students are currently in the middle of their IGCSE and IB exams, and busy revising hard. From all the staff, and their fellow students, we wish them the best of luck, and feel their pain with all that hard work and long hours studying!

Last weekend a large group of our boarding students, those that were not busy studying for exams, ran a service activity on our boarding campus. Local children from the surrounding streets were invited onto campus to make use of our great facilities. Our boarders ran football and painting sessions for them, and finished up supervising a swim session. It was great to see the children so happy and active, and equally great to see our boarders leading activities. Coming up this week in boarding we have a ‘Bow Fight’ company coming onto campus. This is a little bit like paint-ball, but with Velcro bows and arrows to make a Hunger Games style battlefield. They will be setting up their urban fortress on our football pitch and lots of boarders have signed up. This looks like great fun and no doubt there will be plenty of staff trying to get involved too (myself included!)