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November 2016

MUN at St.Andrews

Sunday 12th of November was a special date on the school calendar as it was the St Andrews’s conference of Model United Nations. MUN conferences are usually organized by high schools or colleges, and this one brought together over 100 students from a wide range of international schools. Our 12 students from year 12 participated in the conference and were distributed in different MUN councils such as Human Rights, Security Council, Economic and Social Council and more. They were given various current issues to debate and produce viable resolutions to help overcome the problems. Our students came across with United Nations standards and could contribute to changing the world.


Robert Hendrikse from Year 12 says:

It was my first time participating in an MUN conference. I thought it was quite an enjoyable experience. However, I believe that is best for those who enjoy public speaking and debating. The other participants were far more experienced and were much better prepared for the day. The rules and regulations for MUN are quite extensive and it takes time to properly remember them. I was told that after a few conferences that the formalities it would be automatic for me. The issues discussed that day were regarding human rights because I participated in HRC (Human Rights Council.) I represented Iran, therefore I had shown the other countries that I was against peoples’ basic freedoms. All in all, it was a fun and hardworking time, but I had made new friends and I learned new things.
And they had good food.

GCSE PE students flex their thinking skills

The Year 11 GCSE PE students demonstrated team work and problem solving to break down the process of analysing performance, an important component of their coursework. The group had to put the process in the correct order and discuss their decision. They then took photos of the process they decided on for future reference. They really enjoyed getting out of the classroom and being challenged to test their thinking skills.

Star Students – Secondary

19 amazing students have achieved star status. The students are: Minnie 7BC, Proud 7YH, Gift, 9YE, Alex 9GR, Prair 10YB, Natasha 10RW, Ella 10YB, Sarah 10YB, Sunny 10BB, Ken 10BB, Midi 10YB, Natalie 11RA, Lissa 11RA, Joana 12RC, Migle 12RC, Dechen 12BC, Fay 12RC, Toy 12RC & Utsav 13ANDS. The reason for their star status is that their average effort, independent study and participation score on their half-term reports is 3.7 or better. Their reward is to go into lunch first every day, along with friends if they so desire.


Boarding Updates (November W3 2016)

Activities are currently very service focused in the Boarding House, with our prefects continuing to lead a Sunday club for local children that live near our campus. For 3 hours they run some English games that promote English speaking, a sports activity and a swim session. A lot of our Year 12 students have been getting involved to enhance their CAS hours for their IB programme. An extra session to try and teach young children to swim has been planned for this Saturday. This kind of service is important as drowning is a leading cause of death in children in Thailand.

Many students have also been busy with cooking activities. They enjoyed a Japanese Sushi cooking session, run by one of the school’s day students last week, and there is a Thai cooking session this week.

In addition our sporty boarders, both boys and girls, have been involved in fixtures. The girls played a football match against KIS this week, and whilst the result did not go our way the girls had a lot of fun, they tackled well and kept possession for much of the game. The boys basketball team will be hoping for better luck when they play a Well’s International School Academy team this coming weekend. A group of boys also went wakeboarding last weekend. For some it was their first time, whilst others were more experienced. A great time was had by all, and there were lots of photo opportunities.

Many of our boarders took the opportunity to celebrate Loy Krathong, floating their Krathong’s in the swimming pool. The krathong’s had been made with the Thai department at school during the day.


For the last 3 weeks we have been lucky to have some exchange students from Japan stay with us. They will return to their school this coming weekend. We have enjoyed having them with us, learning about their school and showing them ours. They have found the exchange to be a great experience, making many new friends and immersing themselves in a new culture.

Round Square Conference 2016

This year, 9 of our students represented the school at the Round Square International Conference. The conference took place in Germany from the 10th to 16th of October.

Read what our students had to say about their experience at the conference.

Through this conference i was able to understand why internationalism was one of the ideals of round square. From the different nationalities that i encountered, I have expanded my knowledge of the global issues surrounding us. In our Barraza groups, we were also able to share our personal experiences and opinions without disrespecting each other’s race or beliefs. We grew so close in a number of days. That was definitely the best part of the conference for me, because each one of us came from different backgrounds, and the ability to connect and share a part of my journey with them has truly been a sensational experience.

The Round Square Conference 2016 in Hamburg, Germany has been a remarkable and enjoyable trip. Full with exciting activities along with our barazas group, in which help making us knows each other, both about their identity and their home-country culture by communicating with them during an activity or at our own free time. I’ve met many unique and interesting individuals around the world, such as from Kenya, South Africa, Singapore, Canada, British, Morocco, India… and the list goes on! Also full with various keynote speakers around the world talking about their passions and their valuable life lessons, which we could learn from and use as a guidance in guiding us to grow and become who we actually are. Truly a journey that makes us!

Remembrance Service – 11th November

Although the last few weeks since the passing of King Bhumipol Adulyadej have been extremely sad, and a time for reflection, the secondary school gathered together at 11 am on the 11th November, as is tradition at the Regent’s School and around the world, to remember all those soldiers and civilians who have lost their lives in times of war. The service was observed by all pupils and staff in a very respectful manner and while the traditions of the original Remembrance Day, honouring service men and women who died in the First World War, was followed, secondary pupils also considered other remembrance traditions in other countries. Pupils laid a Japanese origami crane at the ‘peace’ tree in the school grounds under a placard with the simple words ‘We Remember’ to mark their respects to the fallen. We hope this Remembrance service with an international twist is a tradition that will continue for many years at the Regent’s School

Reading in an extreme fashion

Mr Esposito from the EAL Department has gone to great lengths to promote how fun reading can be – especially when conducted in an extreme fashion! Students from KS3 and KS4 took pictures of themselves reading in extreme situations to highlight that there should be no obstacles when it comes to reading for enjoyment.

Thanks to everyone who participated; please take a look at some of the entries we had.

Tanya from 7GX was the winner overall – she has won 100 points for Green House!


‘If I ruled the world’ – Speeches by Secondary Students

We always want our students to excel in their academic work but also to gain skills that will help them prepare for the real world; hence we aim to provide a strong base for their future endeavours. Last term the Head of English organised a Democracy Week to encourage public speaking and most of all to incorporate the ‘Democracy’ ethos of our Round Square IDEALS. The students talked about what they would do if they ruled the world. Listen to the winning speeches for yourself!

Apart from these winning speeches the teacher was particularly impressed by the efforts put in by a student in Year 10. Read his speech here

Music scholars win a prize at the Beethoven Competition

Congratulations Ariya and Chawin! These very talented music scholars took part in the Last Beethoven Competition and won the 2nd prize in the Piano (Group A) section and 2nd prize in the String (Group B) section respectively.

This competition was established in 2007 to create a platform for Thailand’s young string players and pianists. The Goethe-Institut has established wide international network and gives the individual artists a great opportunity to showcase their talents.


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