Activities are currently very service focused in the Boarding House, with our prefects continuing to lead a Sunday club for local children that live near our campus. For 3 hours they run some English games that promote English speaking, a sports activity and a swim session. A lot of our Year 12 students have been getting involved to enhance their CAS hours for their IB programme. An extra session to try and teach young children to swim has been planned for this Saturday. This kind of service is important as drowning is a leading cause of death in children in Thailand.

Many students have also been busy with cooking activities. They enjoyed a Japanese Sushi cooking session, run by one of the school’s day students last week, and there is a Thai cooking session this week.

In addition our sporty boarders, both boys and girls, have been involved in fixtures. The girls played a football match against KIS this week, and whilst the result did not go our way the girls had a lot of fun, they tackled well and kept possession for much of the game. The boys basketball team will be hoping for better luck when they play a Well’s International School Academy team this coming weekend. A group of boys also went wakeboarding last weekend. For some it was their first time, whilst others were more experienced. A great time was had by all, and there were lots of photo opportunities.

Many of our boarders took the opportunity to celebrate Loy Krathong, floating their Krathong’s in the swimming pool. The krathong’s had been made with the Thai department at school during the day.


For the last 3 weeks we have been lucky to have some exchange students from Japan stay with us. They will return to their school this coming weekend. We have enjoyed having them with us, learning about their school and showing them ours. They have found the exchange to be a great experience, making many new friends and immersing themselves in a new culture.