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Secondary Swimming TISAC Competition

At the Secondary School TISAC Swimming competition Regent’s swimmers brought home an amazing haul of 37 medals – 15 gold, 9 silver and 13 bronze. Notable swimmers were Sebastian (Year 7) and Proud (Year 8) who won all of their individual events. It was wonderful to see all the Regent’s swimming team supporting and encouraging each other and showing excellent team work.

Regent’s finished in 2nd place overall with the U13 team ranked 3rd and the U15 team narrowly missed out on 1st place.

It was a magnificent effort by everyone. We look forward to another successful swimming season 2018-2019.

Grandparents Day 2018

Grandparents were invited to come to school and shared their knowledge and wisdom with the children on 27 April 2018 at Regent’s International School Bangkok.

This event included a tour of the school and an assembly for 50 grandparents of students from the Early Years and Year 1 – 6. Grandparents and grandchildren shared lunch together and played outside.

Grandparents took part in lessons by sharing their experiences in class answering questions such as  “What toys did you play with when you were a child?”, “How did you travel to school?”, “What was your favourite subject in school?”, “What are your memories of school trips?”, “How was technology different when you were in school?” and “What playground games did you play?”.

All  Early Years and Primary students learnt from the good old days of their grandparents.

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New Parent Orientation Term 3

Parents and students new to Regent’s this term attended an induction meeting on Monday. They met with our Chairman, Dr Virachai, senior staff and current students.

This term student numbers at the school are at their highest ever level.


Operation Smile Medical Mission

During half term break a group of Regent’s students travelled to Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand to help out with one of Operation Smile’s medical missions. Operation Smile provides free and safe surgeries to children with cleft lip and cleft palate as well as other birth defects and injuries.  

Mae Hong Son welcomed the group with its cooler weather and beautiful blue skies. Weary from the long layover from Chiang Mai students began by making goodie-bags ready for the screenings the next day and then enjoyed a trip to the nearby Temple night market.

The next day at the local Hospital the screenings took place. Hundreds of people from villages and hill tribes are assessed and hope to be granted the opportunity to receive an operation. Regent’s students befriended and played with children, distributing toys along with the bags prepared last night. After lunch they visited one of the children’s wards where they made decorations, brightening up the rooms to make them as colourful as possible.

On the morning of the third day students attended the operating theatres and sat in on 4 operations. This was fascinating; the doctors and surgeons explained everything that was going on and the afternoon students met some of the patients who had been in surgery earlier in the morning.

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Regent’s students win Gold and Silver prize at the Yamaha Thailand Music Festival 2018

A huge congratulations to Mam Mam in year 3 for taking the Gold prize in the under 9 category for her violin ensemble, as well as, her sister Pam Pam in year 4 for taking the silver prize in the under 14 category with her violin duet at the Yamaha Thailand Music Festival 2018.

We are all extremely proud of them and are excited to see them succeed in the future.

Students exchange programme

The Regent’s International School Bangkok has the pleasure of welcoming 8 exchange students from 3 different schools this half term. We welcome Ellie, Jemma, Brooke and Mia from Scotch Oakburn School in Tasmania who will be with us for 2 weeks. They’ve been paired with four of our own girls (Janine, Natalie, Proud, Bell) who will then fly out with the Tasmanian girls and spend 2 weeks in their schools. Also from the Australian region, we have Maddison Weir in Year 10 who’s here a tad longer, until December. She’s from St. Phillip’s College located in the breathtaking town of Alice Springs. Both of these Australian exchanges are made through the Round Square network we maintain continuously. The 3 remaining girls on exchange are from Hakuho Girls High-School in Hokkaido, Japan. This has been running for a while and we welcome Yuna, Ellie and Mizuho and hope they’re going to enjoy themselves. School exchanges allow students to learn more about the world around them and Regent’s encourages this global outreach. 


BoBo The Whale

Bobo is no ordinary whale; it is a symbol of change and the start of a new beginning. It is an inspiration that shows us, the predominant species since the beginning of evolution, that our everyday life actions can damage the environment around us and marine life as well. Bobo is here to remind us how important it is that we should not pollute the ocean and cause harm to the environment around us because animals should not pay the price for what us humans have done to the world.

Regent’s took a stand to enforce a club, the Eco Club that cultivates the minds of young students to advocate change throughout the school in order to ensure that the school contributes to preserve a healthy environment.The Eco Club has taken a few steps to create awareness on how our everyday blunders pose a threat to other lives around us.

The very first initiative was a warm welcome from the school extended to Bobo the whale. The Eco Club is still advocating students using bobo as a live example. Bobo has now found the warmth of a house in the confines of the secondary foyer. It is surrounded by flyers, posters and drawings, all creating awareness on management of waste. However, its farewell this Friday. It will be devastating to all the members of Regent’s.

The second initiative is the stand Regent’s has taken to ban plastic. Plastic cups will no longer be provided at water stations by the beginning of the next term. Students are required to bring their own water bottles instead, to reduce the use of wasteful plastics around the school.

This brings us to the third initiative that includes mass participation and enthusiasm of the students. The Eco Club is holding a competition for the design of water bottles. The winner will be showered with an attractive award and it will be Regent’s pride to have a water bottle of its own.

It is now the time that we bring change to Regent’s. Even though Bobo, the cute whale, will be leaving us soon, we still have to be aware that no matter how small our actions are, they could still impact our planet in which we are living in. From now on, the Eco club hopes and would like to encourage not only students, but parents and teachers as well to make small changes which will eventually add up to create a massive difference to help preserve the environment. Our school Eco club will continue to come up with more ideas and ways to inspire younger students to become more aware about what’s becoming of our environment as their future are in their hands as well as ours.

Because the world is ours and if we don’t save it, then who will?

Save BOBO, save the OCEAN, save our PLANET!

Hello Education Magazine Article

Associate Professor Dr. Virachai Techavijit and Khun Kwanshanok Techavijit were honoured to be interviewed by Hello Education Magazine. They talked about their dedication to keep the good reputation of Regent’s International school.

After a remarkable teaching career in the United States, the founder and chairman, Dr. Virachai, decided to run an international school in Bangkok with the objective of improving education in Thailand. To perpetuate the good standards of Regent’s, the school director, Khun Kwanshanok always has a particular focus on understanding the demand of students and parents.
Our students’ academic excellence has allowed them to study at world class universities including University of Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCl, Imperial College, Cornell, Chicago, UCLA and Stanford University.


Donation to Good Shepherd Sisters

Community service is in the heart of Regent’s approach to well rounded learning. The school provides students with various opportunities to give back something to the community and during the 2016-2017 academic year students raised over 100,000 Baht via fundraising activities for our charity partners.
One such partner is Good Shepherd Sisters, a day care, help center and a home for the needy.
The school has supported them for many years and this year The Good Shepherd Sisters will put the donations towards improving their day care facilities. Thank you to our students and parents for their generosity.

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