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Expressive Arts Festival 2018

Last term has seen one of the most ambitious projects yet from the arts departments with some wonderful contributions from Music, Drama and English and some independent dances choreographed by our supremely talented students. The entire Art and Drama departments were transformed, evoking the casual energy of an arts festival, whilst showcasing the artistic talents of our GCSE and IB Art students, the spotlight being on the IB final exhibition.

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Student received offer at Central Saint Martins in London

Ms. Suksakaow Mahuttanatan (May), a student at Regent’s International School Bangkok, has received an offer to study at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, in London, UK.

Central Saint Martins has a world-class reputation, producing famous practitioners in the fields of fashion, fine art, graphic design and architecture. Notable alumni include Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Terrance Conran, Bruce Oldfiled and John Galliano.

May’s time at Regent’s helped her to learn the fundamental skills of art and design. Art teacher, Felicity Harris, said: “May is a very determined young lady, with perseverance and tenacity. She enjoyed using paint and loved creating her own compositions, experimenting with juxtaposing colours and textures.”

May was also privileged to be amongst the artists involved in the creation of the Royal Crematorium.

In the course of her education at Regent’s, May has developed her English skills to a very high standard, opening up to her world of international education. Regent’s is very proud to nurture and develop the talent of a young artist with the potential to achieve at the very highest level.

A Cultural perspective- Year 12 Artworks

Last term, the Year 12 art students answered these questions within class “what is culture?”, “can a culture own an image?”,  “how can we learn from the culture of others to inform our art practise in a respectful way”, “how can culture be used as a theme or inspiration for contemporary art?” and produced artwork in response. Subjects that the students looked at were racism in education, corruption within governments, colonialism, Buddhism- heaven or hell?, Prostitution, work ethics and our relationships towards social media. They were all very successful and as you can see have produced very intelligent responses to a highly sophisticated starting point.





IED Italian School of Design Workshop

On the 9th of October Year 11 and Year 13 students studying Design and Technology had visitors from the IED Italian School of Design who came to run a workshop at school. The IED Italian School of Design is a tertiary institution that has strong links with industry leaders in fields of Design, ranging from Automotive Design to Jewelry Design and lots more in-between. The representatives from IED Italian School of Design showed the students how to improve their creativity and participated in a creative collage exercise. The students completed the task very well; they enjoyed it and were engaged through the duration of the task. The students were shown skills that are developed at IED Italian School of Design through the different programmes that they run. The workshop was concluded with an inspiring and informative talk about their facilities and the courses that they offer. Hopefully this will lead to more students seeing the benefits of careers based on Design and Technology and the options available from Tertiary Institutions, such as IED Italian School of Design, that lead to fulfilling and well paid careers.

Art Students- Elements and Principles

The Year 12 Art students have made a great start to the year and produced some very exciting work in a very short space of time! Their task was to undertake a piece of work which focused upon an element or principle within the composition of art. They chose ‘Movement’, ‘Balance’, ‘Juxtaposition’, ‘Colour’, ‘Unity’ and ‘pattern’.


Art students- Tonal Drawings

The Year 10 Art students have been learning how to improve their tonal drawing techniques from KS3 into a more mature and sophisticated standard. They have worked incredibly hard to produce these amazing images which can now be seen in the foyer of the Secondary Building.

“Winds of Peace” Art Exhibition

On the 5th of October, some students of The Regent’s International School Bangkok, had the pleasure to attend the “Winds of Peace” Art Exhibition of three renowned Colombian artists which celebrates the end of a war conflict in Colombia.

Upon arriving at The New Museum of Chulalongkorn University, the students were greeted by Sasha Bykova, the Marketing Director from AOTA Art, an agency which represents international artists here in Bangkok.
Mrs. Astrid Garcia Amaya, CEO and Founder of AOTA Art, gladly gave the students a presentation about art in Asia and shared with them the different aspects of the Colombian culture.

One of the featured artists, Mario Ayerbe, spoke about how nature became such a huge source of inspiration for him, but also in which ways the conflicts in Colombia have influenced his paintings. The artist was very enthusiastic to give the students a tour of the exhibition and was lucky enough to be accompanied by 4 of our Colombian gap staff to help in the translation of his visions, inspirations and stories behind certain pieces at the exhibition.

Mrs. Astrid Garcia Amaya was glad that the school takes such an interest in creative arts and believes it highly improves the academic performance of the students.

A BIG thank you to AOTA Art for this enriching educational trip.

Round Square Mural Painting

This term, Year 9 students wanted to paint a large mural inspired by our very successful International Day. We took influences from the different festivals of the world which were celebrated on that day. Trying to keep it as colourful and vibrant as possible whilst also showing off the amazing blending and paining skills of the girls involved. Well done Kitty, Paer, Dao, Naja, Gift, Guitar, Mimi S and Jammie!

– Felicity Harris (Head of Art Dept)


Ian Murphy Art Workshop – Year 12

Year 12 students visited the workshop of ‘Ian Murphy’, a British based professional Artist who focuses on painting large scale architectural work. On the first day they learnt how to create textural backgrounds using a variety of materials such as scrim, tissue paper, newspaper and even sandpaper. On the second day they focused on completing tone and shade, giving their work form and scale. All the students thoroughly enjoyed their workshop and have come back to classroom brimming with ideas of how they can incorporate these techniques into their own work.

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