On the 5th of October, some students of The Regent’s International School Bangkok, had the pleasure to attend the “Winds of Peace” Art Exhibition of three renowned Colombian artists which celebrates the end of a war conflict in Colombia.

Upon arriving at The New Museum of Chulalongkorn University, the students were greeted by Sasha Bykova, the Marketing Director from AOTA Art, an agency which represents international artists here in Bangkok.
Mrs. Astrid Garcia Amaya, CEO and Founder of AOTA Art, gladly gave the students a presentation about art in Asia and shared with them the different aspects of the Colombian culture.

One of the featured artists, Mario Ayerbe, spoke about how nature became such a huge source of inspiration for him, but also in which ways the conflicts in Colombia have influenced his paintings. The artist was very enthusiastic to give the students a tour of the exhibition and was lucky enough to be accompanied by 4 of our Colombian gap staff to help in the translation of his visions, inspirations and stories behind certain pieces at the exhibition.

Mrs. Astrid Garcia Amaya was glad that the school takes such an interest in creative arts and believes it highly improves the academic performance of the students.

A BIG thank you to AOTA Art for this enriching educational trip.