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February 2018

Enterprise Day 2018

Enterprise Day! What a great day for all the students. Students from Year 7 to Year 12 learnt about developing creative ideas along with how to market and finance that product. The innovation and skills developed throughout the day lead to some outstanding ideas. Some of the winners products are going to be rolled out within the school in the coming weeks.

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Open Mic February 2018

This month’s “Open Mic” night was the best yet and served as an excellent example of our students’ improving talent, confidence and willingness to share their passion for music. The ever-increasing audience of students, staff and parents were there to celebrate the achievements of our students. Congratulations to our fantastic performers!

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Chinese New Year Assembly and Celebration

On the 9th of February the Chinese Department organised a Chinese New Year celebration for our students. Everyone wore something red or Chinese traditional clothes to make the atmosphere very lively and fit with the decorations in the building. During lunchtime, there were dumplings for our students and staff to enjoy followed by the 2018 Chinese New Year Assembly. Students, regardless of their nationality, entertained each other with singing, dancing and writing Chinese calligraphy.

Samuel Yang Regent’s School visit

Mr Samuel Yang, CEO of The Yang Foundation gave a motivational speech to all students from Year 10 through to Year 13.

As a successful investment banker Mr Yang was able to retire at 35 years old. He and his brother then began the KE Foundation in the hope of identifying, preparing and inspiring young leaders of the future. He now travels around the world meeting young people and offering them the opportunity to go attend a summer school in the UK, USA or Canada.

The focus of Mr Yang’s speech was the 8 characteristics which make people highly successful. The students learned about focus, persistence, drive and passion. They also learned first hand that an international education, and the opportunities that it offers, can be the greatest starting point for future success.

It was a truly motivational speech and the students were enthralled throughout.

We hope that Mr Yang will be back later in the year to give a further, follow up talk.

House Debate Competition 2018

Regents’ annual House Debate Competition was a true success. Over the course of one week, students from across the year groups debated topical, controversial and thought-provoking debates.

Our Junior years debated environmental topics:
Should customers be charged for plastic bags?
Should littering become a criminal offence?

Our Middle years discussed issues to do with advertising and representations:
Should skin whitening products be banned?
Should companies be fined for only using light skinned models?

Our Seniors debated issues to with social media and free speech:
Should world leaders be allowed social media accounts?
Should social media comments be protected by freedom of speech?

Even though they only found out which side they would debating on a few minutes before the debate, every argument was carefully and intelligently constructed. Every student put forward strong, challenging arguments with the hope of winning the house debating cup. Our students showed strong leadership skills as well as fantastic teamwork. As an English teacher, I was very impressed by our students’ use of persuasive techniques- they are clearly paying attention in their lessons!

In the end, there could only be one winner. Our year 9 and 10 students did a fantastic job in their debates. Their arguments were very well put together, and they worked to the strengths of their team. They have set the bar high for next year’s debate competition!

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James Goddard School visit

Earlier this month the U13 FOBISIA team met with Olympiad swimmer, James Goddard. This is the second time that James has visited the school. The students were very fortunate to learn some key swimming techniques, particularly streamlining and improving the starts and finishes to races. We hope that this knowledge will be beneficial to the team as they head to the FOBISIA Games in Phuket later in the week.

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Pattaya Senior Games 2018

On the 3rd and 4th of February, we took a squad of 20 students to Regent’s Pattaya for their annual invitational senior games. We enjoyed a weekend of football and basketball with our seniors representing The Regent’s International School, Bangkok with pride.

The girls took part in their basketball tournament on Saturday, facing a tough group and coming out in 3rd. Highlight of the day was holding a formidable St Andrews team who underestimated our girls. After they beat all other teams by at least 20 points, we held them within 10.

The boys took to the football pitch first and showed great team work and determination, particularly against a strong squad from BIS Phuket. They also finished 3rd in their group.

Sunday found the girls on the pitch and the enjoyment continued as they really pulled together. Nane and Lhaki took turns in goal and both were equally effective against some strong shooting. Highlight of the day was beating Regent’s Pattaya 3-0. The girls were consistent and came 3rd in their group.

The boys found their feet in basketball on Sunday and sailed comfortably through to the semi finals, winning all their group games. They faced BIS Phuket in a nail biting game but finished comfortably, landing themselves in the final.

This is when the whole squad really pulled together, with the girls (and most of the spectators) fully behind our boys. They faced the experienced and big squad of St Andrews. The game was closely contested with each point being match by the opposition. Unfortunately, St Andrews took the lead and the game ended in their favour.

Our boys came away with silver medals and should be incredibly proud of themselves. This weekend showed amazing team spirit and pride. They have set high standards and performed as amazing role models for our younger athletes. Well done to all.

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Year 5 and 6 Annie Musical

Year Five & Six have performed in a spectacular production of the musical “Annie”. The excitement of an orphan’s adventure in New York was brought to the stage by sixty students in their final primary year in a blaze of colour, song and dance. Regent’s has a well established reputation for excellent productions and every year the standard seem to get better.

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5 Regent’s students take part in Chinese Knowledge competition 2018

On the 31st January 2018, Cookie, Yong Li, Daniel, Tong Tong and Yurika from Regent’s International School, Bangkok went to Assumption University to participate in the China National Knowledge Competition. The competition tested the students’ knowledge of Chinese geography, history, literature, culture and general knowledge.

Over a hundred students took part from schools across Thailand. Four of our students scored 92/100 or higher in the first round and made it through to the semi-finals of only 20 students. Daniel qualified for the final top eight and received an Honourable Mention award.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the competition.

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