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October 2016

Online Debate 2016/17 (Week 5)

This week students discussed military conscription.  Lots feel that serving the military is a way to protect national identify and pride; some felt that the military should also admt women.

Online Debate 2016/17 (Week 9)

This week students were discussing media pressure on celebrities after Demi Lovato announced a ‘break’ from the entertainment industry to concentrate on charity.  Is there too much media pressure on celebrities, or do they sign up for this criticism when they sign up for a career in the spotlight?

Online Debate 2016/17 (Week 8)

Monday was ‘Mental Health Day’ and in recognition of this, students were debating which is more important: happiness or grades.  While all students recognised the importance of good grades to achieve University places and successful careers, they also agreed that without happiness and positive mental health, these things are not only difficult to achieve but also worthless.

Online Debate 2016/17 (Week 5)

This week students discussed military conscription.  Lots feel that serving the military is a way to protect national identify and pride; some felt that the military should also admit women.

Online Debate 2016/17 (Week 7)

This week students explored the scientific concept of ‘motherless babies’.  While some marveled at the scientific process, many were wary of the consequences of children growing up without a maternal instinct and worried about the consequences for the child’s mental health.

Online Debate 2016/17 (Week 6)

To celebrate English Week we’ve been discussing books and the role of graphic novels in the literary canon. Are comics for kids or do graphic novels provide challenging literature in an engaging format?

Secondary Theme Day

Understanding Diversity is vital for students to gain a wider perspective of the world. Because Regents International School has many nationalities we used this as an opportunity to allow staff and students to celebrate this. The day itself focused on some key issues such as; race, age, gender, religion, disability and nationality.
The day started in small tutor groups discussing what equality and diversity means to them. Students were then given a list of occupations and asked to draw them. Students then looked at some people who hold these occupations and were asked to compare them to their original drawings. From this activity students were able to see that our ideas of the “type of” people who take certain occupations is not always accurate and you should not limit yourself because of your preconceived idea of the “type” of person you are.
The fantastic prefects then delivered a session in the auditorium. Here they lead interactive games to question their peers knowledge and opinion on diversity and issues that have arisen in today’s world. The category game was highly effective as it allowed every student to see that even though we have some differences we sometimes can share similar opinions with Ms. Edwards being a clear winner of the students favourite teacher!!
To complete the day students took part in a discussion on where we originated from with help from an important video from LetsOpenOurWorld. This video used science to show some volunteers their actual heritage. Students thoroughly enjoyed this and some even said it should be made compulsory for everyone to do.
As diversity is all around us, it is always important to take some time, reflect and celebrate our differences. We feel as though this theme day contributed to the promotion of diversity awareness in an engaging and active way.

IB Learner Profile Competition

Proud 7YH was the winner of the IB Learner Profile Competition. The 10 qualities of an IB learner are as follows: Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Carers, Risk-takers, Balanced & Reflective. I think you’ll agree with us that Proud produced a wonderful response to the difficult task of putting these words in an artistic form.

Year 10 Art – Tonal Drawings

As part of their first term ‘skills’ unit, Year 10 students were asked to produce pencil sketches to help develop their drawing skills and encourage them to recognise where tone is needed.

These drawing exercises allow the students to use pencils in a more sophisticated manner to help create form through light and shade.

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