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October 2016

Secondary Student Council

During English Democracy Week, students in Year 12 & Year 10 campaigned to represent their houses as House Captain & Deputy House Captain. The students then voted, and the vote was passed to a panel consisting of the Headmaster, the Deputy Head, the Head of House, the Head Boy & the Head Girl. At the end of a closely-fought and election, with a turn-out of 56%, the results were as follows:
Blue House: Andrew Y12 & Sunny Y10
Green House: Poojan Y12 & Na Y10
Red House: Fay Y12 & Xinxin Y10
Yellow House: Tyler Y12 & Sarah Y10

Following which, interviews were taken place for the new Year 12 prefects, who will work with the present Year 13 prefects.The Deputy Head, Head of Sixth Form, the Head Boy and Head Girl took part in these interviews. 19 excellent candidates came forward for the jobs – and it was extremely difficult to come to a decision. The quality of the candidates is partly demonstrated by some positions being filled by two candidates and partly by the feelings of sadness that some of the candidates were unable to be given positions. As with many appointments, the strength of the team, rather than individual appointments, was seen as an essential factor in coming to decisions.
The final appointments were as follows:
Vice Chairs of the School Council: Maryam, Jung Seok
Events Assistant Coordinators: Toy, Po
Service, Charity & Community Assistant Coordinator: Sonam
Duty Assistant Coordinator: Kim D
Eco Assistant Coordinator: Yasmin
Coordinator for Internationalism: Dechen


Eco-Club Recycling Audit

Year 12 and 13 took part in a ecology audit this week, they spent their lunch times collecting any items that could be recycled. Over the course of the week they collected nearly 720 litres worth of trash, over a 36 week school year this would be approximately 130,000 litres. To put that into perspective it would be enough to fill 194 mini cooper cars with trash every year. They will now put together a plan to see how we can reduce the amount of waste we produce and become a greener school.


New student newspaper

This year has seen the launch of a new student newspaper, The Regent’s Chronicles. Edited and produced by Year 11 students, this fun-filled weekly newspaper contains unmissable Regent’s secondary news, such as sports fixtures, House Points updates, interviews with students and teachers, world news and topical photographs. Our students produce all the content, in the process developing a wide range of skills such as lay-out, reportage, interviewing skills and time-keeping. We hope the Regent’s Chronicles will lead a long and healthy life; perhaps becoming another grand Regent’s tradition.


Tao Wexler @ United for the Future Concert

On the 25th of September, Tao in Year 8 performed a wonderful piece of music in front of a full crowd. It was a great sight to see Tao fully focused playing Albert Pieszonka’s most famous Tarantella on a Fazioli piano. The piano itself was described as a beautiful, crystal clear sounding piano with a huge price tag. Tao has won prizes at many international competitions and has been described as ‘playing at a mature level for one so young’. Tao said he was pleased with his performance despite being a little nervous and looks forward to playing many more concerts.

Together with being a great pianist Tao is also constantly involved in community service projects.

On October 22, Tao along with family went to Sanam Luang to pay respect for His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej. The family offered 500 kg of home grown Longan and volunteered for Red Cross and Thai Fight by giving away medicines, sticky rice and chicken, ice cream, and drinks.

IGCSE PE class at the GYM

The Year 11 IGCSE PE class have been learning about Methods of Training as part of their course. This involved them using the brand new school gym facilities to learn about Circuit and Weight Training. The students really enjoyed being able to use the space and take part in active learning, which previously would not have been possible without the weights in the school gym.


Model United Nations Bootcamp

On September 23rd 6 Year 12 students visited Harrow International School to attend a boot-camp to help prepare them for the rigours of a real Model United Nations conference.
The MUN is designed to replicate the real UN as closely as possible and gives students the chance to debate real world issues and try to develop real, working solutions to the world’s problems. The six students learned the formality of a UN conference and were each assigned a country to represent. They then researched about their given country before presenting their stance on the issues being debated.
Although it was quite nerve wracking to stand up in front of strangers and debate difficult issues the students all performed really well and found the experience very enjoyable and thought provoking.
Regent’s students will be attending the upcoming 24th Bangkok MUN Conference soon and will be hoping to put in to practice some of the skills they learned at boot-camp.


FOBISIA online maths tournament results

After a video investigation, web tests and a group challenge, the FOBISIA online maths tournament has come to an end.
It was the first of it’s kind and the Regent’s School Bangkok were very proud to host, with Mr Jarrett organising.
Our team, Gutji, Ileen, Mitti-O and Santa did really well and scored highly but didn’t quite manage to beat the winners.
Well done Regent’s!

Boarding Updates (October W3 2016)

Our Armenian boarding students were recently invited by the Armenian embassy to celebrate 25 years of independence. Dressing up smartly they visited a 5 star hotel in Bangkok for an evening of Armenian food and entertainment. Great fun was had by all and much food was eaten – making up for all food they had been missing from home.


Our boarding prefects have initiated and are running a new service activity for our local community. Every Sunday from 12-3pm we are opening our facilities to the children that live on the streets around our school.

Each week a selection of students will play games to teach some basic English, run sports activities, and run a session to teach some swim safety. This is particularly important given that drowning is the leading cause of death in children in Thailand.

The first week was a great success, with 20 local children attending. We hope it continues to grow. A big well done to our Boarding Prefects for running this.

Secondary English Week

It’s been a busy time in English this week.  In celebration of ‘English Week’, all students have presented speeches to their classes on the topic ‘If I Ruled The World’.  Winners from each class competed for a spot in the final next week: so far it’s looking to be a fantastic selection of thought-provoking and entertaining speeches.

In addition to activities in the classrooms, students have also been taking part in a range of games and quizzes created by their English teachers.  From word games to Shakespeare recitals, cryptic clues to selfie booths, the foyer has been a hive of English activity.  All the games aimed to encourage students to speak, read and interpret ideas in English.

Lastly, the stage has been filled every lunchtime with potential candidates for the positions of House Captain and Vice House Captain.  Watch this space to find out the election winners!

– Ms Lucy Brookes, English Teacher

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