It’s been a busy time in English this week.  In celebration of ‘English Week’, all students have presented speeches to their classes on the topic ‘If I Ruled The World’.  Winners from each class competed for a spot in the final next week: so far it’s looking to be a fantastic selection of thought-provoking and entertaining speeches.

In addition to activities in the classrooms, students have also been taking part in a range of games and quizzes created by their English teachers.  From word games to Shakespeare recitals, cryptic clues to selfie booths, the foyer has been a hive of English activity.  All the games aimed to encourage students to speak, read and interpret ideas in English.

Lastly, the stage has been filled every lunchtime with potential candidates for the positions of House Captain and Vice House Captain.  Watch this space to find out the election winners!

– Ms Lucy Brookes, English Teacher