Our Armenian boarding students were recently invited by the Armenian embassy to celebrate 25 years of independence. Dressing up smartly they visited a 5 star hotel in Bangkok for an evening of Armenian food and entertainment. Great fun was had by all and much food was eaten – making up for all food they had been missing from home.


Our boarding prefects have initiated and are running a new service activity for our local community. Every Sunday from 12-3pm we are opening our facilities to the children that live on the streets around our school.

Each week a selection of students will play games to teach some basic English, run sports activities, and run a session to teach some swim safety. This is particularly important given that drowning is the leading cause of death in children in Thailand.

The first week was a great success, with 20 local children attending. We hope it continues to grow. A big well done to our Boarding Prefects for running this.