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December 2015

Reach for the Stars

It has been an incredibly successful first term. I am glad to report that our students are working hard and their grades are improving. Whereas in the first half of the term, only 3 students were Stars (meaning their average report grades were 1.3 or better), the second half of term has 13 Stars. They are Baipat in Year 7, Shree, Plub and Alex in Year 8, Sarah, Sunny, Ken, Midi and Khawpann in Year 9 and Natalie, Mona, Ani and Lissa in Year 10. This is an amazing achievement.

Over the term, teachers have awarded 6284 plus points to students (an average of 21 per student) and 678 minus points (an average of 2 per student.) Again, this is a fantastic statistic. The most successful form of all are Dr Sweeting’s Year 10 Yellow House form (some of whom are pictured.) They have an awesome average of 39 plus points per student.
The students are, without a doubt, working hard – and we are very proud of their efforts.
I have a slogan. It goes, “Work hard, work hard and come to school (on time.)” I am sorry to report that there are 27 students who have not met my expectations to do with attendance. There are another 18 students who are late more than I would like. Absence and lateness affect the learning of students very badly. I would ask all parents to support the school in this important area of their children’s education.

By Mr. Charles Barrow, Deputy Head

Teacher TEDx talks

TED is an organisation that encourages us to share good ideas and promotes a love of learning, discussion and thought. Last week 5 brave teachers took to the stage to present their own TED style talks to the students. Subjects included ‘The importance of being Idle’, ‘Feminism is NOT a dirty word’, and ‘Embracing adventure’. It was great to see so many students embracing new ideas and seeing a different side to their teachers.

Students will be giving their own TEDx talks in the new year and the school will be holding an official TEDxYouth conference in March.

By Dr. Theo Sweeting, English Teacher

Congratulations Christmas card winners

Each year in the Primary school we host a Christmas card competition and this year the theme was Christmas trees. The entries were of a very high standard and six winners were selected from each year group. Please find the winners listed below:-
Year 1 Scarlett
Year 2 Pam Pam
Year 3 Deeday
Year 4 Krishnai
Year 5 Tigger
Year 6 Bless


Early Years Christmas Open Afternoon

We were joined by nearly 30 children during our annual Early Years Christmas Open Afternoon. The children and their families enjoyed a variety of activities, a delicious party tea and a visit from Santa. The afternoon was concluded with a very festive singalong. Our next Open Afternoon will be just before Songkran and the theme will be ‘Easter’.

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End of Term Messages: Heads of Primary and Secondary

Head of Primary, Mrs. Rachel Perkins:

Dear Parents,

a-Rachel_0002webAs the end of Term 1 draws to a close I am reflecting on the wonderful experiences we have all shared as part of our whole school community. The first occasion was the fabulous concert which was held in the first week of term to celebrate the school’s anniversary. The second large event that we will participated in was the wonderful Loy Krathong festival where all the children performed beautifully and the community feel was as strong as ever. Another highlight this term was a Halloween Dress up day and our World Food Day which many long lasting memories were made.
Now it is time for the school community to celebrate being with their families, taking a well deserved rest and recharging the batteries for Term 2.
I will look forward to welcoming you and your child back to school on Monday the 11th of January 2016.

I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

With best wishes,

Head of Secondary, Mr. Brian Irving:

Dear Parents,
a-Brian_0002webAnother busy term has ended. So many events and functions have taken place that it would be foolish to list them for fear of missing one out and offending those students and staff involved. Needless to say, we as a community are all ready for a break, a time to recharge our ‘batteries’ and to spend an extended period of quality time with our family and friends enjoying all this festive season brings.
New Year is usually a time for reflection of the previous year, but also a time to look forward to the excitement and challenges of the year to come. For our examination groups in particular, Terms Two and Three may be both life-changing and future-determining times where the hard work and determination they apply will be rewarded with outstanding and ‘door-opening’ examination results; any less than this does not bear thinking about.
May I wish all of our families my best festive wishes and a New Year full of optimism, opportunities and open doors!

Warmest regards,

Amazing Potato Projects

In Year 5 we have been growing our own potatoes at home. They started off with a ‘seed’ potato, which they suspended in a little water. Over the following weeks they made a diary to record the growth (if any) of their potatoes.

Here are the results from 5T in pictures. Can you guess whose potato had the longest stem?


Christmas Party at the Good Shepherd Sisters

Representatives from the Student Council helped to make the Christmas party at the Good Shepherd Sister’s very special. They played games and gave out the colouring books and pencils everyone in Primary generously donated as gifts. Some of the money raised from Halloween was used to buy chicken and sticky rice for the children too. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Christmas appeal this year!

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By Mrs. Helen Normoyle

Welcome & Dates from Head of Primary

Dear Parent,

As we lead into our last week before the Christmas holidays I am reminded of excited feelings we all enjoy at this special time of the year.

Today we all enjoyed a wonderful performance of The Grumpy Sheep performed by the children in our Early Years department. The acting, singing and dancing was fabulous and it always amazes me of how confident our children are particularly at such a young age.

This week we are looking forward to our Early Years Open afternoon on Tuesday, the whole school Christmas concert on Wednesday,  our parent consultation on Thursday and our party morning on Friday.

With best wishes,

Upcoming Dates

December 2015

Tuesday 15th Reports home to parents, Early Years open afternoon at 2 pm
Wednesday 16th Whole School Christmas concert at 1.45 pm
Thursday 17th Parent consultation
Friday 18th Party morning – home clothes – please bring party food – Early Years home 11.30 and Primary 12.00

January 2016

Monday 11th January – Term 2 starts, After school activities start

Plus Points

The race is on to earn as many Plus Points as possible before the end of Term 1. Our Key Stage 3 leaders are currently Pai and Khawklong in Year 7, Alex in Year 8 and Sarah in Year 9 who have each achieved more than 30 – a fantastic achievement!


By Ms. Bethany Roberts

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