It has been an incredibly successful first term. I am glad to report that our students are working hard and their grades are improving. Whereas in the first half of the term, only 3 students were Stars (meaning their average report grades were 1.3 or better), the second half of term has 13 Stars. They are Baipat in Year 7, Shree, Plub and Alex in Year 8, Sarah, Sunny, Ken, Midi and Khawpann in Year 9 and Natalie, Mona, Ani and Lissa in Year 10. This is an amazing achievement.

Over the term, teachers have awarded 6284 plus points to students (an average of 21 per student) and 678 minus points (an average of 2 per student.) Again, this is a fantastic statistic. The most successful form of all are Dr Sweeting’s Year 10 Yellow House form (some of whom are pictured.) They have an awesome average of 39 plus points per student.
The students are, without a doubt, working hard – and we are very proud of their efforts.
I have a slogan. It goes, “Work hard, work hard and come to school (on time.)” I am sorry to report that there are 27 students who have not met my expectations to do with attendance. There are another 18 students who are late more than I would like. Absence and lateness affect the learning of students very badly. I would ask all parents to support the school in this important area of their children’s education.

By Mr. Charles Barrow, Deputy Head