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Chinese Speech Competition

On 1st, April 2016, Tong (9RM) attended the Senior Level of a Chinese Speech Competition at the Thai Chinese International School. She prepared the speech very well, but she did not get a medal because of the fierce competition. I am sure she will learn from the experience, and next year we hope to send more students to the competition. Well done, Tong. The school are very proud of your efforts.

Chinese Speech Competition

By Lu Han, Mandarin Teacher

Celebrating great work in Early Years

On Thursday morning Rew Rew in Reception N visited Mrs Perkins to show her his wonderful instructional writing on how to plant a tomato seed. He showed excellent confidence in reading and writing. Well done Rew Rew!

SALAD in Science

Students in Year 7 were given the challenge of teaching each other about the phases of the moon in an interesting and creative way.

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They completed this task during this term’s Speaking And Listening All Day and so were encouraged to present their ideas without using pens. Points were awarded for creativity, teamwork and the accuracy of their information and despite tough competition the winners were Amy, Catalina and Ichigo who rapped and danced through new, crescent, quater, gibbous and full moons!

Primary FOBISIA Maths Results

We now have the results for the FOBISIA Maths competition that Sun, Jojo, Data and Tara in Year 6 attended earlier this month.

The Regent’s team came in 15th place out of 29 schools from across South East Asia.
We are very proud of the hard work our students put in to preparing for the competition and for their efforts in the competition itself. It is a very challenging competition with the best mathematicians from each school competing. Our team worked incredibly well together and their excellent team work as well as their outstanding Maths abilities led to a successful result. Mr. Jarrett, our team coach, is already looking to our talented mathematicians in Years 5 and 4 to make a team to compete next year.
Well done team Regent’s!

The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture Trip

Year 9 had an education trip to The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture on Wednesday,16th March.

They have gained experience on Thai History and Culture as well as learnt more about Thai agriculture and the life of Thai people in the past.

We hope to grow rice and build a soil house next time!

Year 4 Thai Trip to Rattanakhosin

Year 4 went on a trip to this famous museum. We saw a movie about the history of Thailand (Siam). Then next we heard the story about people from old Thailand and the old buildings.

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Next we learned about how Thai people traditionally made food and farmed rice. We looked at how people used to dress long ago in traditional clothes.

After a snack, we went to the games which Thai children played in the past. That was a lot of fun.

Finally we learned about traditional puppet shows and tried to do it ourselves.

We all had a great day out with the Thai department teacher.

Partial Solar Eclipse

On Wednesday the 9th of March at 07:38am Regents International School students were lucky enough to view one of the rarest celestial events, an eclipse of the Sun.

The Sun was partially eclipsed for nearly 2 hours and at its maximum coverage, 41% was hidden from our view by the Moon.

Many students took part and viewed the event through pin hole cameras, the camera on their mobile device and most successfully by looking through a CD. All of these methods made it safe see what was happening and gave us all an unforgettable experience.

By Mr. Marc Curran, Head of Secondary Science

Regent’s students meet NASA engineer

On Wednesday the 24th of February Data from Year 6 and Santa from Year 5 went to join ‘A Day in the Life of NASA engineer’ at Space Inspirium in Bangkok. During the visit they met Dr. Juan Roman who currently works at NASA. Dr Roman spoke about his childhood and told the children that even though his family was poor, with hard work and encouragement from his parents to study he has achieved his dream to build space rockets. Data and Santa were inspired by his presentation and came back to school to share their experience with their classmates.

Secondary Weekly Debate

Each week, all staff and students are invited to contribute to a weekly debate. Have a look at what we’ve been debating this week.

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