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October 2017

BoBo The Whale

Bobo is no ordinary whale; it is a symbol of change and the start of a new beginning. It is an inspiration that shows us, the predominant species since the beginning of evolution, that our everyday life actions can damage the environment around us and marine life as well. Bobo is here to remind us how important it is that we should not pollute the ocean and cause harm to the environment around us because animals should not pay the price for what us humans have done to the world.

Regent’s took a stand to enforce a club, the Eco Club that cultivates the minds of young students to advocate change throughout the school in order to ensure that the school contributes to preserve a healthy environment.The Eco Club has taken a few steps to create awareness on how our everyday blunders pose a threat to other lives around us.

The very first initiative was a warm welcome from the school extended to Bobo the whale. The Eco Club is still advocating students using bobo as a live example. Bobo has now found the warmth of a house in the confines of the secondary foyer. It is surrounded by flyers, posters and drawings, all creating awareness on management of waste. However, its farewell this Friday. It will be devastating to all the members of Regent’s.

The second initiative is the stand Regent’s has taken to ban plastic. Plastic cups will no longer be provided at water stations by the beginning of the next term. Students are required to bring their own water bottles instead, to reduce the use of wasteful plastics around the school.

This brings us to the third initiative that includes mass participation and enthusiasm of the students. The Eco Club is holding a competition for the design of water bottles. The winner will be showered with an attractive award and it will be Regent’s pride to have a water bottle of its own.

It is now the time that we bring change to Regent’s. Even though Bobo, the cute whale, will be leaving us soon, we still have to be aware that no matter how small our actions are, they could still impact our planet in which we are living in. From now on, the Eco club hopes and would like to encourage not only students, but parents and teachers as well to make small changes which will eventually add up to create a massive difference to help preserve the environment. Our school Eco club will continue to come up with more ideas and ways to inspire younger students to become more aware about what’s becoming of our environment as their future are in their hands as well as ours.

Because the world is ours and if we don’t save it, then who will?

Save BOBO, save the OCEAN, save our PLANET!

Round Square Conference in South Africa

The Round Square delegates came back to Thailand on the Friday 6th of October, after a week full of adventures, discoveries and inspirational speeches at the International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

The first day of the Conference brought together 1,000 young people from more than 50 countries. In the spirit of Africa, the event opened with all the students and adults taking part in percussion and drumming performance. The Regent’s flag was proudly carried across the stage as we took part in the welcome ceremony. Music and dance formed the basis of the remainder of the ceremony as the young people from the three host schools entertained everyone.

The following days were just as rewarding with more inspirational speakers, IDEALS events activities and surprising food discoveries, namely the traditional South African barbecue (called a Braai).

With educational programs and trips like these, we want our students to be exposed to new cultures and exchange with people from all over the world. Here at The Regent’s International School Bangkok, we are sure that this trip has given our students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge.
We hope they will keep in touch with their new friends and save great memoirs from the Round Square International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

University of Cambridge presentation

In September, a group of our Year 11 & Year 12s attended a workshop
hosted by Jon Beard, the Director of Undergraduate Recruitment from
the University of Cambridge.

Our students were given insights into the admissions process at
Cambridge and how to prepare themselves over the coming year. The
students returned to school excited about the possibilities that are

“Winds of Peace” Art Exhibition

On the 5th of October, some students of The Regent’s International School Bangkok, had the pleasure to attend the “Winds of Peace” Art Exhibition of three renowned Colombian artists which celebrates the end of a war conflict in Colombia.

Upon arriving at The New Museum of Chulalongkorn University, the students were greeted by Sasha Bykova, the Marketing Director from AOTA Art, an agency which represents international artists here in Bangkok.
Mrs. Astrid Garcia Amaya, CEO and Founder of AOTA Art, gladly gave the students a presentation about art in Asia and shared with them the different aspects of the Colombian culture.

One of the featured artists, Mario Ayerbe, spoke about how nature became such a huge source of inspiration for him, but also in which ways the conflicts in Colombia have influenced his paintings. The artist was very enthusiastic to give the students a tour of the exhibition and was lucky enough to be accompanied by 4 of our Colombian gap staff to help in the translation of his visions, inspirations and stories behind certain pieces at the exhibition.

Mrs. Astrid Garcia Amaya was glad that the school takes such an interest in creative arts and believes it highly improves the academic performance of the students.

A BIG thank you to AOTA Art for this enriching educational trip.

Eco Fashion Week

At The Regent’s International School Bangkok, the students are very concerned about the disastrous consequences of climate change, pollution or waste disposal. The teachers and the round square community are working closely together to improve the students’ attitudes towards recycling.

During the whole year, students will be involved in some fun and exciting activities to raise awareness about the environmental issues that our world is facing.

For the last few weeks, secondary students were challenged with designing and creating clothes by using recycled materials. The school audience was indeed quite impressed by their artistic abilities.

Secondary Speech Competition

Speech Competition at The Regent’s International School, Bangkok

Every year the English department kick of the first term with speech competitions. This year students had to write a rant with the title ‘Don’t Get Me Started On…’
We saw rants on a whole range of topics, from K-Pop, to pollution, to gender inequality and more. As well as being great fun, the students have also been practising their skills of communication, persuasive writing and how to structure a argument.
Well done to all speech writers!

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