Bobo is no ordinary whale; it is a symbol of change and the start of a new beginning. It is an inspiration that shows us, the predominant species since the beginning of evolution, that our everyday life actions can damage the environment around us and marine life as well. Bobo is here to remind us how important it is that we should not pollute the ocean and cause harm to the environment around us because animals should not pay the price for what us humans have done to the world.

Regent’s took a stand to enforce a club, the Eco Club that cultivates the minds of young students to advocate change throughout the school in order to ensure that the school contributes to preserve a healthy environment.The Eco Club has taken a few steps to create awareness on how our everyday blunders pose a threat to other lives around us.

The very first initiative was a warm welcome from the school extended to Bobo the whale. The Eco Club is still advocating students using bobo as a live example. Bobo has now found the warmth of a house in the confines of the secondary foyer. It is surrounded by flyers, posters and drawings, all creating awareness on management of waste. However, its farewell this Friday. It will be devastating to all the members of Regent’s.

The second initiative is the stand Regent’s has taken to ban plastic. Plastic cups will no longer be provided at water stations by the beginning of the next term. Students are required to bring their own water bottles instead, to reduce the use of wasteful plastics around the school.

This brings us to the third initiative that includes mass participation and enthusiasm of the students. The Eco Club is holding a competition for the design of water bottles. The winner will be showered with an attractive award and it will be Regent’s pride to have a water bottle of its own.

It is now the time that we bring change to Regent’s. Even though Bobo, the cute whale, will be leaving us soon, we still have to be aware that no matter how small our actions are, they could still impact our planet in which we are living in. From now on, the Eco club hopes and would like to encourage not only students, but parents and teachers as well to make small changes which will eventually add up to create a massive difference to help preserve the environment. Our school Eco club will continue to come up with more ideas and ways to inspire younger students to become more aware about what’s becoming of our environment as their future are in their hands as well as ours.

Because the world is ours and if we don’t save it, then who will?

Save BOBO, save the OCEAN, save our PLANET!