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September 2017

Science and DT theme day -Promoting creative thinking

On the 18th September, we embarked on our first Science Theme Day. The day itself involved all students in the secondary school from Y7 to Y12. The day was designed by the Science department to further develop the creative thinking skills of our secondary students. With the help of the newly formed Science Ambassadors, activities were implemented to challenge students to collaborate and innovate. There were 8 activities in total and 48 groups, the groups consisted of a student from each year group. This meant that our Y12 and Y11 students had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and guide our younger students through the activities. Our Y12 Science Ambassadors led instructional introductions for each activity and ensured all students had a base starting point.

The activities were split into two strands one completing activities related to helicopters, paper umbrellas, satellites and sinking ships. The other strand had activities related to planes, robotic arms, paper turbines and hack boxes. The day was a great success with all students enjoying and then reporting to the groups from the opposite strand via video diaries. Some amazing innovations were produced and many students stood out within different areas. The Science department awarded certificates related to some of these areas at a celebration assembly on Tuesday 19th September. The awards, named after seven of the most famous engineers, the seven dwarfs, were awarded by the Science and DT teachers throughout the day. These included the Sneezy award for ‘Most creative’, the Sleepy award for ‘Most hardworking’, the Dopey award for the ‘Ideas person’, the Grumpy award for the ‘Most resilient’, the Doc award for ‘Best leader’, the Happy award for ‘Best team player’ and the Bashful award for ‘Best communicator’. Well done to all students who were awarded certificates you showed excellent skills in these areas.

The Science and DT teachers would like to thank all students that participated and especially the Science Ambassadors for their excellent work, we look forward to the next Science event.

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Wai Kru, a BIG thank you from Smile

During the Wai Kru ceremony held last Thursday the Operation Smile Student-led Club raised an impressive amount of 2,500THB, by selling traditional flowers to parents and students.

Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that provides surgeries to children with cleft lips and cleft palates across Thailand and neighbouring countries. Regent’s has played an active role contributing to this foundation for many years. We will be having a lot more fundraising events this year in primary and secondary, so please keep an eye out for notifications around the parents lounge and student notices boards.

The Smile-Club would like to thank everyone who contributed and look forward to the future of Operation Smile in Regent’s.


Meet our Gap Staff for the academic year 2017-2018

Rhiannon Hobson: Round Square Assistant

Hi, I’m Rhiannon from England. This will be my second year in Thailand as a Round Square Assistant but my first time in Bangkok, and I’m very excited for the fast pace of city life! Round Square believes that effective learning is practical, multicultural and collaborative. I’m really looking forward to encouraging the students to immerse themselves in this ideology and to challenge themselves outside of academics.

Patrick Taylor: Secondary Gap Staff

Hi! I am Patrick Taylor and I am from the United States of America. After graduating from The Lawrenceville School in 2017, I decided to take a year working at Regent’s before I attend university. I am interested in English Literature, History, Geography and Theater. At Regent’s, I hope to learn more about Thailand, while also helping younger students get a better grasp of their studies. I am happy to be living in the boarding house and assisting in all aspects of life at Regent’s.

Maria Gomez: Secondary Gap Staff

Hello, I’m Maria from Colombia and I decided to travel across the world looking for personal growth. Thailand seemed an excellent opportunity to focus more about who I want to be as a person rather than who I wanted to be as a professional. I am looking forward to offering my help to the IB students. Having just completed IB myself, I hope I can be useful in offering study techniques, as well as knowledge in EE, IAs, ToK, Business Management, DT, Physics and Spanish. I’m also a sports’ fan and like football, volley and athletics.


Santiago Jaramillo: Primary Gap Staff

I am Santiago Jaramillo, I come from Bogota, Colombia. After graduating from a Round Square and IB school I have decided to join The Regents School for a year. I am very interested in learning from Thai culture, while I teach the best from mine. With further interest in studying Law, I’d like to help students in subjects like Economics, Business Management and languages; however, I will be working in primary this term, helping students in English class and reading. I am glad I joined The Regent’s School to help the next generation of leaders understand and respond to this changing world.

Andres Palma: Primary Gap Staff

My name is Andres Palma and I come from the wonderful Republic of Colombia. I enjoy sports, particularly golf, football and volleyball. I am also very passionate about music and enjoy playing the guitar as well and seeing people perform. Besides that, I am also keen to offer my help in physics, economics and mathematics.

Daniela Jaramillo: Primary Gap Staff

Hello, I am Daniela Jaramillo from Colombia. I have been looking forward to having this experience as I believe it is an optimal opportunity to discover and develop new skills as well as to grow personally. Also, I have just finished my IB course and enjoyed it very much (despite the difficult times) hence I will be able to help students here with their subjects as well as their stress. I am passionate about being positively influenced by the many people I will get to know and impact them in a positive manner as well.

gap staff

Welcome back to the boarding house

A very warm welcome back to all our boarders and their families. We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. This year we are happy to see increased numbers adding to our happy boarding community. With so many new boarders we started our first week with a series of team games and challenges. The aim was to get to know each other a little better, work as a team, and have fun along the way. There were medals to be won, and all students took part with enthusiasm and a smile on their faces. Our first weekend trip saw a large group of students enjoy the Bounce trampoline park. Coming up we have a trip to Dusit Zoo and some on campus service with local children. It’s going to be a busy term, but all staff are looking forward to it and ready to provide the very best for our students.

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