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September 2020

Congratulations to our graduate Suchaya Mahattanatan (Mint)

After graduating from Regent’s, Mint went to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical science at Imperial College London and a Master’s Degree in Bioengineering, Imperial College London. Mint, who is currently writing thesis for her Masters, won the top prize of the “WE Innovate” programme for women entrepreneurs. Mint was inspired by her father breaking his arm when she was 7 years old.

Mint’s innovation is “Next generation washable cast for broken limbs”.
‘We Innovate’ is organised by Imperial College London about early-stage innovative business ideas. Participants include students from all three levels: bachelor, master and doctorate. Mint competed against participants including doctorate students with this business innovation, Mint said that she enjoyed every activity and seeing herself growing by doing science projects plus improving social interaction skills. More importantly, Mint gained a lot more confidence to express her business ideas. Lastly, she shared tips for those who have business ideas “by just going for it”.

Congratulations to our Regent’s alumni.
Click here to listen to more information about Mint’s innovation project

ASTV News1 featured the interview of Pattanan Amnajcharoenying (Gracy); a student in Year 8 and Music Scholar at Regent’s International School Bangkok. Gracy shared the pathway of her success story to become the winner of “The Voice Kids Thailand 2020”.

Behind the success story, she has earned full support from her family and Regent’s International School Bangkok. Gracy said that Regent’s is like her second home which helps her to be courageous and to follow her dreams from her first day in school (Year 1) until today. This is Gracy’s eighth year at Regent’s.After entering the contest, she didn’t expect to be the winner but just wanted to do what she loves. She kept practicing singing very hard with advice from coaches and teachers.

Finally, she is very proud and happy winning this very prestigious award which has been achieved through her own effort and ability but also with the encouragement and support of all those around her.

Click here to see more interviews with Gracy.

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