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August 2016

Primary School Student Leaders 2016/2017

Boarding Updates (August W4)

With lots of new faces joining the Boarding House this school year we have been running some ice breaker activities to get to know everyone a little better. The theme is based on the 2016 Rio Olympics, and has been popularly called ‘The 2016 Riogent’s Olympics’. Students have been working in teams first to create their own country and flag, and then to compete against the other teams. There has been a scavenger hunt, a dodgeball tournament, a blindfolded maze, team relay races, and a number of individual events. There are still medals to be won and the medal table looks very close so far!

During the first weekend boarders have the chance to visit Bounce, a nearby trampoline park, and to visit the Mega Bang Na shopping mall.

Boarding (Academic Year 2016/2017) Week 1

All boarding staff would like to give a very warm welcome back to all students, both returning boarders and new boarders. This year we are lucky enough to have a large intake of new boarders from a wide variety of countries around the world – Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Armenia, Bhutan, Netherlands, Lithuania and China.

We started the year with a BBQ , inviting families to attend to meet members of the board and the Boarding House Staff. We were privileged to be joined by our Chairman, Dr. Virachai, who gave a brief welcoming address to start the new school year off.

Focusing on “S” in the Round Square IDEALS

The “S” in the Round Square IDEALS stands for “Service”’ – something we can too easily  forget to implement in our routine. We have the time to click a hundred selfies but we tend to avoid taking actions for the ones in need. Are the society norms making us selfish? Read our Principal Mr. Hogan’s view on a society where U comes before I and how our Round Square approach helps our students put other first.


New Boarders Lounge

We have a new boarders lounge on the 4th floor of our secondary building. Our boarders can relax or study in the school itself before going back to the boarding house.

New Coffee Shop!

We have a perfect spot for a cup of coffee! The TRUE coffee shop opens on the 29th of August. Located in the new building, the coffee shop overlooks the artificial turf football field.

Opening promotions to be announced soon…


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