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March 2018

Tournament of Minds

On Sunday 25th March a team of budding young scientists and engineers went to Bangkok Prep International School to compete in the Tournament of Minds. With 497 students enrolled, this was Thailand’s biggest tournament ever.

The project brief was complex and challenging. The students had to design and build a lottery machine that randomly delivers a subset of numbered balls to determine which of the more than a million candidates would proceed to the next selection round and possibly win a trip to Mars in the event of a global apocalypse. The machine had to have a secret modification that could not be easily detected and which would improve the odds of preferred candidates being selected. The students also had to explain and justify why these candidates needed to be preferred.

The students involved were Na (Year 11), William (Year 10), Mimi (Year 10), Alex (Year 10), Andy (Year 9), Bless (Year 8) and Eagle (Year 7).

The judges were very impressed with the construction and design of the machine the students built, stating that it was one of the few they saw that day that “actually worked”.

The students also completed a five minute spontaneous challenge in the afternoon which tested their cognitive reasoning and teamwork skills.

Teaching staff were most impressed by the incredible work-ethic if our students. They overcame many setbacks in the design of their machine and they worked tirelessly for six weeks on the run up to the event as they were preparing for the challenge. They also stayed late on Friday, came into school on Saturday and spent extra time on Sunday perfecting their machine and rehearsing their performance.

The students reported that this was a truly life-changing experience and that they felt that had picked up invaluable skills during the process.

Senior Girls Football Victory

After a morning of energetic competition at the  Regent’s Swim Gala, our senior girls football team were on the pitch this afternoon. After a tense first festival, we were drawn at the top with 107 and SIS, so today bought everything to play for.

We faced St Andrew’s 107 first and took a little time to settle. The second half saw us dominate and push for a goal we couldn’t seem achieve and the game ended 1-1.

The second match saw us face off against Bromsgrove-always a friendly but unpredictable game. The girls settled in quickly and with our top scorer Pin up front, she gave use a 2-0 lead. Inspired by this, Lissa found the back of the net in the second half sealing our win 3-0.

This took us into the final game needing a win against close rivals SIS. It was a closely fought, passionate game which saw both sides demonstrating their fantastic ability. We pushed hard for a goal, which we had to wait for until the 2nd half. Lissa’ s persistence paid off as she slotted in a spectacular goal in the final few minutes of the game.

A truly well deserved league win for the girls.


Momo First Prize in Singing Contest

Congratulations to Wanish Boonwanishawat (Momo), a Year 8 student at Regent’s International School, Bangkok who has recently won the First Prize and popular vote in the music challenge “Singing Contest” on 23 March 2018. Well done Momo!

Primary Swimming Gala 2018

Regent’s annual Primary Swim Gala took place on Friday 16th March. The day began with Year 1 and 2 students competing in a series of fun relay events involving various flotation devices and balls. Yellow House gained the most points for the Year 1s and it was Red House who took the lead for the Year 2s. Next it was the turn of our Year 5 and 6 students, who competed using more traditional swim strokes. This was a hotly contested affair, with all the Houses gaining lots of points. However it was Yellow House who were victorious for the Year 5’s and 6’s combined. By the afternoon it was time for the Year 3 and 4 students to complete their races. Once again the points were shared fairly evenly amongst the Houses. However it was the Green Crocodiles who collected the most wins and points to go towards their entire House total score. Once all the points were added up Green House raised the Swim House Cup aloft to rapturous applause from the students in their House. A very well done to all the students who took part; a fun and very wet day was had by all.

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John Bull Visit to Regent’s

Regents International School Bangkok recently hosted Professor John Bull from Plymouth University in the UK. He met with students and spoke with them about the wide range of environmental issues our world now faces and how students are the future of maintaining our planet. Some topical issues such as air pollution, overpopulation and mass extinction were discussed and students left feeling motivated and eager to make a change.


Senior Boys Football Team TISAC Group B League champions

After a grueling second round of fixtures had finished, Regent’s Senior Boys were crowned the TISAC Group B Football League champions. The first round of fixtures in February had placed the boys comfortably at the top of the league. However the second round of games away from home provided a much more difficult challenge. The boys battled hard on a hot Bangkok afternoon to come away with enough points to secure their spot at the top of the league at the end of the season. A fantastic effort by all the players and they fully deserved their league win.


Under 9 TISAC Football competition champions

The Under 9’s Year 3 and 4 football team have been competing in this year’s TISAC competition.  The finals were played at Regent’s school. The team won the first match 2-1, the second match 5-0 and they drew the final game against 1-1. This meant that our team were the competition champions. Well done to all of the squad for your effort, skill and courage!

Under 15 Boys Win the TISAC Group C Football League

The annual TISAC U15 Boys Football Tournament took place at Ascot School last Saturday. In the group stages we were unbeaten after playing against Ascot, Bromsgrove, Singapore IS and St Andrews 107. After some great early chances to score we were unlucky to lose to Bangkok Prep in the semi finals. Finishing fourth overall the boys performed outstandingly throughout the tournament and have proven that they can compete with the best teams in TISAC. The future looks very bright for this team-well done to everyone!


Model United Nations Pattaya

On Saturday 10th March a group of Year 10 and Year 13 students went to Regent’s Pattaya for a Model United Nations Conference. Topics discussed included the reunification of the Korean peninsula, women’s reproductive rights and the treatment of refugees. The students all worked really hard and used their negotiating skills to make allies and pass resolutions. JS took on the responsible position of chairing the SPECPOL committee, managing proceedings and keeping order while Cookie did a fantastic job chairing ECOSOC. In addition and on a lighter note, Tiwaz was the proud recipient of the coveted “Best Dressed Delegate” award. Overall, an impressive effort by everyone involved!


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