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March 2016

SALAD in Science

Students in Year 7 were given the challenge of teaching each other about the phases of the moon in an interesting and creative way.

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They completed this task during this term’s Speaking And Listening All Day and so were encouraged to present their ideas without using pens. Points were awarded for creativity, teamwork and the accuracy of their information and despite tough competition the winners were Amy, Catalina and Ichigo who rapped and danced through new, crescent, quater, gibbous and full moons!

Easter Disco Raises Over 18,000THB!

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The Primary Easter Disco, put on by the Primary Student Council, was a huge success. All students, parents and staff had a great time. The Student Council was able to raise 18,230 Baht from the event, which goes toward helping our community partner, Good Shepherd Sisters. Hopefully we’ll have another disco in Term 3!


Welcome letter from Head of Primary

Dear Parent,

a-Rachel_0002webAs we come to the end of our second term I constantly being reminded of what an excellent school The Regent’s is.

We have celebrated sporting success, winning the Tournament of Mind competition in Thailand, the FOBISIA maths team visiting China and the wonderful Year 5 and 6 performance of Shakespeare Rocks.

With all these events and activities we sometimes forget that the children’s academic studies are continuing and I have been particularly impressed with the progress the children are making which has been documented in their end of term reports.

This week Ms Caro Drumm, the new Head of Primary visited the school and we had a wonderful time showing her round her new school. Many parents joined us for a coffee afternoon to be formally introduced to her.

Finally I would like to wish everyone a joyful and peaceful Songkran holiday and I look forward to welcoming you all back on April the 18th.

With best wishes,


English Stars of March

We are very proud to present the English Stars of March who have exceeded their teachers’ expectations and have demonstrated an exemplary level of dedication.

Well done Tong Tong, Jenny Kim, Ugyen and Kuenze.

From the Head of Secondary

Dear Parents,

Working in schools can be an emotional rollercoaster and part of the teacher’s toolkit has to be ways of dealing with lots of different emotions in any school day. Disappointment when students let themselves down by acting before thinking, sympathy when something happens to a student that they shouldn’t have to deal with at such a young age and frustration when things just don’t go the way they you thought they should. It all sounds rather depressing…
Fortunately, the balance at Regent’s International School is tipped towards the more positive of emotions: admiration for the feats achieved by our students, pride in how the students conduct themselves, inspired by the way obstacles are overcome and hope for the bright futures of our young people.
This newsletter exemplifies the positives of our school. I hope you enjoy reading of our achievements and are as proud as I am to be part of this vibrant community of learners.

Regent’s participates in U13 FOBISIA Games


The competition will be etched into the memory of its participants! 15 keen and enthusiastic students from the Regent’s International School, Bangkok contested across 4 days of intense sports based activity. Their wits and nerve was tested against 180 students from other parts of the Asian continent, in Athletics, Swimming, Football and Basketball. Despite huge rivalry, a major draw to the games was to make new friends. Success can be measured in many ways; by comparing improvement or by the visual collection of silverware at the end of such a tournament.
Team Photo 2

I am happy to report that our group of 15 young athletes managed to do both. The attitude and integrity of all of our participants was excellent and they competed without fear to ensure we reached the finals of both the Boys Football and the Girls Basketball competition.

In addition, numerous medals were collected by individuals during “Track and field” and “Swimming”. The Games concluded with a Gala Disco; a chance for students to celebrate the success of achievement but more importantly to throw a few shapes in time with music in ritual like fashion.
The following students were a credit to the School during their involvement in the games. FOBISIA Team captains Amey & Fay, along with team members, Ann-ann, Ichigo, Tor, Waii, Zahra, Gain, Shree, Moss, Jessie, Jimmy, Tim, Charlie and Andy.

Mr. Lee Burns
(Head of Physical Education & Sport)

Primary FOBISIA Maths Results

We now have the results for the FOBISIA Maths competition that Sun, Jojo, Data and Tara in Year 6 attended earlier this month.

The Regent’s team came in 15th place out of 29 schools from across South East Asia.
We are very proud of the hard work our students put in to preparing for the competition and for their efforts in the competition itself. It is a very challenging competition with the best mathematicians from each school competing. Our team worked incredibly well together and their excellent team work as well as their outstanding Maths abilities led to a successful result. Mr. Jarrett, our team coach, is already looking to our talented mathematicians in Years 5 and 4 to make a team to compete next year.
Well done team Regent’s!

Modern Foreign Languages meal

On Thursday 10th March, Mr Pradic and Mr and Mrs Harrison took students learning French and Spanish for a meal at the Alliance Française to experience some real French culture.

Modern foreign languages meal

A great time was had by all, and the students enjoyed eating such culinary delights as Confit de Canard, and Quiche Lorraine. A great time was had by all. Next time, we are off to have some Spanish tapas!

Activities and updates from Reception!

We had great fun making porridge in cooking this week. We had read all about the three bears making porridge so decided to have a go too. We used oats, milk and water and then cooked it in the microwave. To some of the porridge we added honey, which made the porridge far too sweet, to some we added salty, which we didn’t like at all and to the rest we added a small amount of sugar. The porridge with just a little bit of sugar was just right!

We played some games in the swimming pool which has helped us to become much more confident in the water!

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