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June 2016

End of the year Boarding updates

Now we are in the final week of term our activities have been geared towards heading home for the holidays and celebrating a fantastic year together. Student’s asked for a mall trip last Saturday, so they could buy presents for their friends and family on their return home.

The Boys’ House had a BBQ pool party to celebrate the year, with some great food cooked by Houseparent Eddie and GAP staff Daniel. It finished with everyone pushed in the pool. The boys also had a cinema trip instead of prep – as there were no homework deadlines in the last week. There is another BBQ planned for our penultimate day, again organised by our BBQ-master Mr Eddie, for both House’s.

The Head’s of House would like to thank all the staff involved with boarding throughout the year for their hard work and commitment, and to wish all the students a happy and safe holiday. We thank our departing GAP staff for their help and support, and wish them the very best in their future endeavours.

Best Primary Class at returning Library Books

‘Congratulations’ and a ‘Big Thank you’ to all the students of class 2F who returned their Library books the most times during the year. Each student received a fantastic book ‘Creating a Beautiful Bangkok together’ and a bookmark with difference!
‘Well Done’


Mrs. Turner

Weekly Debate (June W4)

Before the students left for their summer break, they took part in the final online debate week. The topic of debate was “using captive animals for tourism”. Answers varied with many students drawing on their experiences at Love Wildlife Foundation and Samphran Riverside.  Many thought that the use of animals was cruel exploitation, whereas others felt that some uses of captive animals provide useful learning tools.

Read individual opinions here.

Each week students are challenged to engage in a whole-school debate about a variety of different topics.  The Weekly Debate is an excellent forum for students to learn about and question new things; improve their written English and hone their skills of evaluation.  The Weekly Debate takes place on padlet – a wonderful tool which shows a live feed of students’ opinions and ideas.

IB work space upgrade!

Good news for our IB students! We are upgrading the IB lounge/work space this term break.
The IB programme can sometimes be very challenging. Which is why it is our duty to provide our students with the right resources for a positive and motivating work environment.

Weekly Debate (June W3)

One of our primary reasons to conduct a weekly debate is to make the students aware about current issues. For our debate last week, we asked students about their opinion on “Same Sex Marriage” and we were amazed to see how each student supported their answer with a deep understanding of the consequences.  Many students stressed the significance of equality and the possible outcomes of the issue.

Read individual opinions here.

Each week students are challenged to engage in a whole-school debate about a variety of different topics.  The Weekly Debate is an excellent forum for students to learn about and question new things; improve their written English and hone their skills of evaluation.  The Weekly Debate takes place on padlet – a wonderful tool which shows a live feed of students’ opinions and ideas.

Updates from the Head of Primary

Dear Parent,
Over the last three days the children from Year 2 to Year 6 have enjoyed a challenging range of Round Square activities. Many of the children have experienced activities for the first time and have really had to push themselves to achieve their targets and overcome their fears.
The activities have ranged from rock climbing, trampolining, ice skating, wakeboarding and Thai cultural trips. A new trip this year was a visit to the Science Museum and many children learnt many new concepts from visiting the centre. The children did not only experience all the fun of the Round Square philosophy on trips, they also joined in with a variety of activities in school, including yoga, international art, Mandarin and Thai crafts and games, a mini Olympics, musical madness and the always popular Lego challenge club.
As well as focusing on the Round Square IDEALS, we also encouraged the children to make new friends from other year groups and it has been wonderful to see them joining in the various activities and learning together.
Our younger children did not miss out on all the fun with Year 1 visiting Funarium on Wednesday and Reception visiting Dusit Zoo to see all the animals on Tuesday.
Many photos and videos were taken and we will share them with you soon so you can also share the fun and excitement of the last three days.

With best wishes

Updates from the Head of Secondary

Round Square Week

The Secondary School activities were selected to give each of the year groups a mental, emotional and physical challenge to overcome during the four days. Students were also meant to have fun!
The Round Square concepts were broken up as follows:
Internationalism: talks by Childsafe and Freeland about where Thailand fits into a global framework;
Democracy: students working in teams to complete activities;
Environment: paper recycling and animal welfare;
Adventure: bouncing and climbing;
Leadership: students taking the lead on making things, leading groups by example and interacting with visiting speakers;
Service: students making books for underprivileged children, as well as fundraising for Freeland, Paper Ranger and Love Wildlife.
Special thanks should go to Khun Miki and Khun Aim for all their work behind the scenes. Thanks also to Mr Nolan, Ms Brookes, Mr Burns and Mr Anderson for acting as group leaders, and to Ms Whitmore and Mr Terry for going above and beyond the call of duty. This is a week when staff and students work together to make the days a success. The continued support of the vast majority of our students and the commitment of the staff to these activities is much appreciated. It is the philosophy of this school to encourage students to mature on a mental, emotional and physical level, as well as encourage a rapid rate of academic progress. The best universities around the world also concur with this philosophy. Finally, thanks to Mr Hennes, the Round Square Co-ordinator for masterminding the rich mix of activities.

Student Progress

On Wednesday 15th June, the Secondary School were privileged to welcome five teacher-trainers from the Thai education system. Five of our students in Year 9 – Ella, Hime, Sylvia, Molly and Minami – spoke to our guests about the progress they have made in learning English over the year. Their progress has been incredible. From hardly knowing any English at the beginning of the year, they now speak fluently and intelligently about their learning.They are now in a position where they can look forward with confidence to their IGCSEs. At the end of the day, our teacher-trainers pronounced that their meeting with our five students had been the most inspiring part of the day.
Over this year, students have earned 13,000 points for their houses. These 13,000 points have been awarded for their effort, independent study and participation in the school curriculum. In the last report, 22 of our students had an average report-grade of less than 1.3 for their Effort, Independent Study and Participation. As 1 means Well Above Average and 2 means Above Average, this is an outstanding achievement across all of their subjects. I am proud to say that our students show great commitment to their learning. I am also proud to say that the partnership between students and their teachers is very strong.
An area that has also improved significantly is school attendance. Very few students now have an unsatisfactory rate of attendance.
At the beginning of the year, I announced that the target would be to “Work hard, work hard and come to school (on time.)” The combination of these two areas is of central importance to a student’s learning. As I look forward to next year, I also hope to see more students involved in all of our school activities. The motto will change: “Work hard, get involved and come to school (on time.)”
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students and parents a very happy holiday – and to remind you all that learning never ends. As the great Albert Einstein once said: “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

Primary students visited ‘Good Shepherd Sisters’

During Round Square Week eight Primary students went to Good Shepherd Sisters to repaint a mural for the school and children there. The students learned a great deal about hard work, providing a service for those in need and giving back to the local community. The children and teachers at Good Shepherd Sisters really appreciated our students’ hard work and dedication to their task. Well done to Maranda, Pitta, Tito, Jay, Ileen, Tigger, Ice and Faye!

News from Boarding

Last weekend was busy due to a large number of our international boarders being required at school to complete their visas for next year. It’s events like this that make you realise the amazing diversity of nationalities we are fortunate to have in Boarding.

The Saturday afternoon saw a number of our boarders visit the ice rink for some ice skating. Stark contrast to the usual heat of Thailand. Socks and long sleeves definitely required.

This week all of our students have been busy with Round Square Week, taking part in many cultural, service related and active experiences. Coming up there is the small matter of an end of Term BBQ/Party for our boarding community, as well as a final weekend of trips which include the opportunity to visit Bangkok’s largest water park.

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