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October 2020

Christmas Camp Swimming Academy

Christmas Camp Swimming Academy training by Bangkok Aquatics (BAI) will take place at Regent’s International School Bangkok from Monday 14 to Friday 18 December 2020 – and is now open for registration.

BAI trains swim squads of all ages and at all levels, providing the highest level of coaching. Our coaching team consists of highly-qualified swimming coaches who have taught throughout South-East Asia.

1) Learn to Swim: For students who have little or no ability at swimming. This level focuses on the basic fundamentals of swimming.

2) Discovery: For swimmers who have learnt the basics and would like to develop their skills further. This level is an introduction to squad training and will enhance fitness levels.

3) Club Junior: For swimmers who have developed good skills and would like to train at a level that requires discipline and commitment. This level focuses on the finer points of swimming, such as reducing resistance in the water, resulting in greater speed and efficiency.

4) Club Senior: For serious competitive swimmers who have learnt the skills required to compete in high-level competitions.

Reasons to join BAI

1. BAI creates and develops life skills for your athlete.

2. BAI practices in a fun and safe environment.

3. BAI promotes healthy individual competition along with teamwork.

4. BAI swimmers are more than teammates, they are family.

5. BAI athletes are taught the importance of hard work and dedication.Click below to find out more and to register:

For more information, please contact Email: | Line@regentsschoolbkk

Cubist-Inspired Self Portraits: A Year 5 Art Activity at Regent’s International School Bangkok

For Art Week, Year 5 were exploring cubist-inspired self-portraits. “Cubism” is a style of art that was started by Picasso (and his friend Georges Braque) in France in 1907. In this art activity, the focus is on students’ experiences in creating, modeling and using various techniques to develop their understanding about colour, tone and representation of subject matter in their own and others’ craft. The students explored this amazing project by taking portrait photographs from different perspectives, cutting them up and assembling them in unique and creative ways.


Mozart International Piano Competition provides an educational opportunity for all students and is a platform for all aspiring pianists of both Thai and various nationalities.

One of Regent’s International School Bangkok Music Scholars, Micky Jirapongsananurukfrom, Year 11 (aged 16), entered the 18-24 age group in the Thailand 9th Mozart International Piano Festival last weekend.

She did incredibly well against a field of competitors from all over Thailand and South East Asia. Commendations to Micky for learning a wide range of pieces over a short time as well as keeping on top of her schoolwork.

“I enjoyed the competition. I learned new pieces and advanced skills in a very short period of time and got to perform them. It was a great experience for me.” – Micky Jirapongsananurukfrom, Year 11

Mr James Wilson, Head of Business Management

Mr James Wilson, Head of Business Management BA (Hons) PGCE International Business I am a Business Studies Teacher who has lived, studied and worked in Manchester for the past 15 years. I graduated from MMU with a degree in International Business, and completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education with the University of Manchester. I have taught Business Studies at schools and colleges in Leeds and Manchester having spent the past 2 years leading Business provision at a large Further Education College in Manchester.

I am very excited to be joining Regent’s, and to be living in Thailand for the first time. Business Management is an exciting and vibrant subject that is well-placed to help students understand and aspire to take on many of the societal, ethical and environmental challenges facing the world today. I want my students to enjoy their studies and to unlock their potential to become well-rounded, conscientious, and caring future leaders and innovators in the world of business.

I am an avid Derby County FC fan (Wayne Rooney’s current club), having been born and bred in the East Midlands. I have played football myself all of my life and hope to find a club to play for in Bangkok! I also enjoy learning new skills and will be taking up Muay Thai in the near future! Outside of sport I also enjoy following current affairs and politics and always try to link current developments in the wider-world to develop the critical thinking of my students.

Extra Curricular Soccer Activity and Weekend Coaching Clinic by Premier League Football Academy

Football is one sport that is played most consistently around the world. It enhances and develops fitness, endurance, coordination, footwork, and physical technique.Regent’s International School Bangkok, in collaboration with Premier League Football Academy, offers an ECA Football Programme that provides students with the necessary tools to excel and enjoy the game, while having fun learning. Our goal is to develop each child’s individual skill, encourage team building, and teach the fundamentals.

Science lessons

Our Year 6 students have been learning about the circulatory system, the heart, and blood flow in the human body in their Science lessons. They worked in teams to make simple models which allowed them to gain a better understanding of how the diaphragm contracts and expands to create a vacuum that pulls air into the lungs.

PE and Sports Teacher

Mr Chris Daly, PE and Sports Teacher

I am a fully qualified teacher of Physical Education and Sport with currently 11 years of experience. I started teaching (with QTS) in 2008 at a comprehensive school in the UK where I established myself as a practical PE teacher and taught there for 8 years. I progressed to teaching examination PE such as GCSE, BTEC and A-level for numerous classes achieving positive results at all Key Stages. In addition, I also took on the roles as Head of Football and Rugby in Key Stages 3 and 4 along with undertaking the roles of School Sports Coordinator. Both these roles allowed me to significantly strengthen and widen the school’s extra-curricular programme.

After 8 successful years in teaching I decided to go travelling for one academic year in Australia on a one year working holiday visa which provided me with great life experiences, and this certainly helped broaden my horizons and to become a more seasoned traveller and global citizen.
As a very keen sportsman, I have a very strong interest in a large range of sports/activities such as Football, Rugby, Badminton, Athletics, Running, gym exercise sessions such as cardiovascular exercises and weight training workouts and many others.

After my Australian experience I spent two years teaching PE at an international school in Paris where I utilised my previous experience and organisational skills to help broaden the PE extra-curricular activities at the school. This led to a very positive response from staff, students and parents contributing positively to the school’s ethos and community.
I am very excited and motivated for this new challenge at an outstanding school like Regent’s International School, Bangkok.

Yamaha Hip Hop Dance at Regent’s International School Bangkok

Yamaha Hip Hop Dance at Regent’s International School BangkokHip Hop dance classes are popular and a perfect choice for energetic children who are always on the move and love pop culture. Our partnership with Yamaha Music School at Regent’s International School Bangkok provides our students the opportunity to further strengthen and improve their dance and movement skills, with the support of our qualified teaching staff as part of the extracurricular activities programme.

Hip Hop dance classes schedule:• Early Years (4-5 years old): 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.• Primary (5-7 years old): 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.Our new classes are held every Monday, Thursday, and Friday, from 3:00 – 4:00 pm.For more information, please contact Call 093 669 9249, Line@yamahatheregents

Chemistry/Science department at Regent’s

Ms Stephanie Ricketts, Chemistry and Science TeacherBSc, MSc, PGCEI am excited to join the Chemistry/Science department at Regent’s. I have spent the last five years teaching in Bristol, England at a leading independent school. Prior to that I worked in industry for 3M and completed my Master’s Degree in Chemistry followed by my PGCE. I am looking forward to teaching internationally again having previously taught English in Sri Lanka.

My past experience in industry allowed me to see how the science disciplines overlap and allow collaboration within R&D. Therefore, enabling me to lead the STEM scheme at my previous school and inform students of future career prospects. In the classroom, I enjoy highlighting the Chemistry around us to inspire students and provide engaging lessons. I equally believe it is as important to learn outside of the classroom, too. I have enjoyed supporting the Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, having completed all medals myself as a student and the Diamond award for the 60th anniversary. Having more recently led a hiking group across the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, I look forward to sharing my experiences and seeing students develop as they explore new territories on future expeditions.

In my spare time I enjoy running, golf, skiing and look forward to enhancing my scuba diving skills. Having visited Thailand in 2000 and 2017, I was captivated by the culture and look forward to learning more about the country.

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