Ms Stephanie Ricketts, Chemistry and Science TeacherBSc, MSc, PGCEI am excited to join the Chemistry/Science department at Regent’s. I have spent the last five years teaching in Bristol, England at a leading independent school. Prior to that I worked in industry for 3M and completed my Master’s Degree in Chemistry followed by my PGCE. I am looking forward to teaching internationally again having previously taught English in Sri Lanka.

My past experience in industry allowed me to see how the science disciplines overlap and allow collaboration within R&D. Therefore, enabling me to lead the STEM scheme at my previous school and inform students of future career prospects. In the classroom, I enjoy highlighting the Chemistry around us to inspire students and provide engaging lessons. I equally believe it is as important to learn outside of the classroom, too. I have enjoyed supporting the Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, having completed all medals myself as a student and the Diamond award for the 60th anniversary. Having more recently led a hiking group across the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, I look forward to sharing my experiences and seeing students develop as they explore new territories on future expeditions.

In my spare time I enjoy running, golf, skiing and look forward to enhancing my scuba diving skills. Having visited Thailand in 2000 and 2017, I was captivated by the culture and look forward to learning more about the country.