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August 2015

The Secret of Success

IMG20150827151226[1]Hard work is at the heart of success. As the great Thomas Edison once said: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
No footballer rises to the top of their game without hard work. No doctor rises to the top of their profession without hard work. No student rises to the top of the class without that very same hard work.
That is why at The Regent’s International School, Bangkok we credit students who work hard.
From this term, we will be looking closely at our students’ grades for Effort, Independent Study & Participation. Those students who work hard will be given special privileges. We will also be using Plus Points for outstanding work and behaviour. Those students who get a lot of Plus Points will be given prizes.
Thomas Edison also said: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
Some students don’t try because they are scared of failure. But failure isn’t always a bad thing. If we’re going to take risks, then we are going to fail at some point. If we’re not making any mistakes, then we’re probably not trying hard enough.
In my opinion, whoever makes the most mistakes will, in the end, be the greatest success.

By Mr. Charles Barrow, Deputy Head Secondary

Fantastic IGCSE results for Year 11

During the holidays, the IGCSE results that Year 11 have been waiting for, finally arrived. Two years of hard work from our Year 11 students came down to these two results days, and the final marks were definitely worth waiting for! Here are the fantastic statistics:

82% of grades were a pass of either C or above
72% of students achieved 5 A* – C (the benchmark for these results)
37% of marks were at an A* or A level

All of these results mean that we have performed well above the UK national average and considering most of our students are second language learners, this is a fantastic achievement. This reflects the hard work put in by all the students and staff, and makes all the stress and sleepless nights worthwhile. My own personal congratulations go to the following students who achieved 11 A* – C passes:

Intouch Suthiprapa (Oam)
Zainul Asri Jeffrey Sham (Zainul)
Adarsh Puri (Adi)

Adi was also the top student who achieved an incredible 6 A* grades and 5 A grades. I would like to wish all of our Year 11 students the best for the future, whether they are returning to begin the IB diploma, or moving on to the next stage in their educational careers.

Messages from the Head of Primary and Head of Secondary


From Mrs Rachel Perkins, Head of Primary

Dear Parent,

it was with delight that I welcomed you and your child back to school this week after the long holiday. It was a pleasure to see all their smiling faces on Monday morning. I was surrounded by positive comments such as ‘I have been counting the days to come back to school’. ‘I have missed my friends and teachers’. I cannot wait to make new friends.’ The air was buzzing with excitement.

On Monday we welcomed over 60 new children to the Early Years and Primary School and I have enjoyed meeting their families during our New Parent Orientation last Friday. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome them into our Regent’s School family.

We have welcomed eight new members of staff to the team, Kirsty Perry (Reception teacher), Rosanna Walton (Year 1 teacher) Karen Burr (Year 1 teacher) Katie Tatum (Year 2 teacher) and Ryan Mann (Year 3 teacher). We have also welcomed Vincent Normoyle and Khun Prae as Teaching Assistants in the ELD department and Khun Shaya as an Early Years Teaching Assistant.
I am pleased to report that they have settled in very well and the children already enjoying their teaching.

The school has been very busy preparing for the new academic year. We have built a new library and IT facilities and the pool has been drained and improved. We have also added more shade to our outside area.

This academic year will be full of fun and but also challenging experiences, your child’s teacher will ensure that they make excellent progress and will enjoy working with you to support your child. Please feel free to come and talk to me at any time, my door is always open and together we will work to ensure the very best education for your child.

I hope you and your child have a wonderful time here at The Regent’s.

with best wishes

From Mr Brian Irving, Head of Secondary

Dear Parent,

One of the many advantages of being a teacher is the number of fresh starts in each year: January 1st, Chinese New Year, Thai New Year to name but three. The start of the new school year is one that is always filled with exciting prospects and challenges building on from the successes of the previous year.
As a reflective school, we are always looking at what we do and trying to make things better. Our recent examination successes are indeed praiseworthy and we are rightly proud of our students’ achievements and of the blood, sweat and tears that were shed by students, teachers and parents in making this a reality.
Working harder and smarter is one of the ways by which we can become more successful and I would encourage all of our students to adopt this approach to their lives in and outside of school. “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” said Colin Powell, who should know as a successful American Statesman and retired 4 star General.
I wish every student every success in the coming school year in the full knowledge that hard, smart work, good preparation and learning from our mistakes can make this particular dream come true.

Best regards,

Mr. Brian Irving

Being a ‘Buddy’

Do you remember your first day at a new school? Was it terrifying? Exciting? Lonely? Overwhelming? We hope to make joining our school a positive experience with our ‘buddy’ system.
When a new student joins The Regent’s International School, Bangkok they are paired up with a buddy to help them settle in as quickly and easily as possible. Buddies are asked to show the new student to their lessons, pick them up at the end of lessons, spend break time with them and help to explain some of the rules and activities we have in school.
This is an incredibly important role and students are usually selected to be buddies because of their particularly responsible, kind and helpful nature. I would like to thank all of our buddies this term for their hard work and remind that them that they are making a real difference every day to their partner’s experience of their first few days at our school.

Here are some pictures of our new students hard at work already!

By Ms. Bethany Roberts, Assistant Head – KS3

IB Diploma Results and Class of 2017 Induction

As I am sure our whole school community has already heard, our IB Diploma Class of 2015 simultaneously smashed our own school record and achieved the highest average score in the whole of Thailand. We are immensely proud of the hard work and dedication shown by these students, combined with the support provided to them by both their families and their teachers.cropped-rembrandt-8-web3.jpg
These students have gone on to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including, in the UK, Cambridge, University College London and London School of Economics; and in the US, UCLA, Chicago and Penn State. We wish them well as they continue to represent The Regent’s School as our alumni in the wider world.

This week we welcomed another 37 students into our Sixth Form as the Class of 2017 and hope they enjoy the journey they have just begun. The group consists of students from Armenia, China, Kenya, Japan, England, Thailand, Nepal, Estonia, Nigeria, India, Finland, Italy, the Republic of Korea and the Kingdom of Bhutan.

With their tutors, they took part in a range of introductory activities to the course of study and discussed some of the key requirements which they must fulfil. In addition to this, they began to work as teams in a range of activities designed to help them to understand each other. Great fun was had by all and we hope our new Sixth Form students continue to grow as a team this year.

By Mr. David Butcher, Assistant Head – Sixth Form

Newly refurbished Primary library nearly ready to open!

New Primary libraryWelcome to our new library!Welcome to our new library, we are very proud to open our new learning resource and we look forward to seeing you all visit soon. Please remember that parents may also borrow books so please speak to Miss Julie regarding this facility.

Why visit the library?

Research shows us that children who go to a library are twice as likely as those who don’t to read well. It is not just picking up a book. It is the social experience of reading, talking about the books, browsing, comparing what you have read with family and friends. Our librarian are gate keepers in that process. Miss Julie open doors to new worlds, new possibilities. She will ask the children to evaluate the information on offer. I feel that children and adults do not just need information to thrive as thinking beings, but stories. Libraries are the temple of story.

Top 10 tips to help children enjoy reading

  1. Make books part of your family life – Always have books around so that you and your children are ready to read whenever there’s a chance.
  2. Join your local library (or visit ours!) – Get your child a library card. Allow them to pick their own books, encouraging their own interests.
  3. Match their interests – Help them find the right book – it doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, poetry, comic books or non-fiction.
  4. All reading is good – Don’t discount non-fiction, comics, graphic novels, magazines and leaflets. Reading is reading and it is all good.
  5. Get comfortable! – Snuggle up somewhere warm and cosy with your child, either in bed, on a beanbag or on the sofa, or make sure they have somewhere comfy when reading alone.
  6. Ask questions – To keep them interested in the story, ask your child questions as you read such as, ‘What do you think will happen next?’ or ‘Where did we get to last night? Can you remember what had happened already?’
  7. Read whenever you get the chance – Bring along a book or magazine for any time your child has to wait, such as at a doctor’s surgery.
  8. Read again and again – Encourage your child to re-read favourite books and poems. Re-reading helps to build up fluency and confidence.
  9. Bedtime stories – Regularly read with your child or children at bedtime. It’s a great way to end the day and to spend valuable time with your child.
  10. Rhyme and repetition – Books and poems which include rhyme and repetition are great for encouraging your child or children to join in and remember the words.By Mrs. Rachel Perkins, Head of Primary

Primary and Early Years Term 1 Calendar 2015

August 2015

31st Mon Musical Concert 18.30 at Thailand Cultural Centre

September 2015

1st – After school Activities start
Vote in House Captains, student council and class leaders
4th – Class Assembly – 6J 14.00
9th – Parent/Teacher Group meeting 08.30
16th -Year 6 Thai trip – Fortress
17th – Early Years Maths Workshop 14.30
18th – Class Assembly – 6N 14.00
24th – Wai Kru Celebration 13.20
25th – School closed long weekend
30th – Jolly Phonics Book Fair/Early Years Phonics Workshop 14.30

English Learning Environment Awards 28/08/15

The following students have demonstrated the use of English language skills both inside the classroom and on the playground! A very well done to you all for contributing so fantastically towards the English Learning Environment.

PN 1- Rada A
PN 2 – Rada T
ND – Pete
RP – Tasan
RN – Puno
1B – Baby
1W – Momo
2T – Seb
2F – Rahul
3V – Getter
3M – Treasure, Finn
4P – Albert
4G – Pole
5T – Meiji
5D – Matthew
6J – Zak
6N – Tae

KS2 Achieving Academic Excellence

Welcome back to all KS2 students and teachers! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and are enjoying coming back to school for this new year. On Wednesday we had our first KS2 Assembly where we saw our first KS2 Stars of the Week. It was a difficult decision for all teachers who are all having a brilliant time with their new classes! An excellent achievement for all these students. A special welcome must also go to Mr Ryan Mann who joins our KS2 teaching team; we hope you love working at The Regent’s and in KS2 as we all do!

By Ms. Joya Noble, KS2 Coordinator

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