During the holidays, the IGCSE results that Year 11 have been waiting for, finally arrived. Two years of hard work from our Year 11 students came down to these two results days, and the final marks were definitely worth waiting for! Here are the fantastic statistics:

82% of grades were a pass of either C or above
72% of students achieved 5 A* – C (the benchmark for these results)
37% of marks were at an A* or A level

All of these results mean that we have performed well above the UK national average and considering most of our students are second language learners, this is a fantastic achievement. This reflects the hard work put in by all the students and staff, and makes all the stress and sleepless nights worthwhile. My own personal congratulations go to the following students who achieved 11 A* – C passes:

Intouch Suthiprapa (Oam)
Zainul Asri Jeffrey Sham (Zainul)
Adarsh Puri (Adi)

Adi was also the top student who achieved an incredible 6 A* grades and 5 A grades. I would like to wish all of our Year 11 students the best for the future, whether they are returning to begin the IB diploma, or moving on to the next stage in their educational careers.