On the 25th of September, Tao in Year 8 performed a wonderful piece of music in front of a full crowd. It was a great sight to see Tao fully focused playing Albert Pieszonka’s most famous Tarantella on a Fazioli piano. The piano itself was described as a beautiful, crystal clear sounding piano with a huge price tag. Tao has won prizes at many international competitions and has been described as ‘playing at a mature level for one so young’. Tao said he was pleased with his performance despite being a little nervous and looks forward to playing many more concerts.

Together with being a great pianist Tao is also constantly involved in community service projects.

On October 22, Tao along with family went to Sanam Luang to pay respect for His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej. The family offered 500 kg of home grown Longan and volunteered for Red Cross and Thai Fight by giving away medicines, sticky rice and chicken, ice cream, and drinks.