During English Democracy Week, students in Year 12 & Year 10 campaigned to represent their houses as House Captain & Deputy House Captain. The students then voted, and the vote was passed to a panel consisting of the Headmaster, the Deputy Head, the Head of House, the Head Boy & the Head Girl. At the end of a closely-fought and election, with a turn-out of 56%, the results were as follows:
Blue House: Andrew Y12 & Sunny Y10
Green House: Poojan Y12 & Na Y10
Red House: Fay Y12 & Xinxin Y10
Yellow House: Tyler Y12 & Sarah Y10

Following which, interviews were taken place for the new Year 12 prefects, who will work with the present Year 13 prefects.The Deputy Head, Head of Sixth Form, the Head Boy and Head Girl took part in these interviews. 19 excellent candidates came forward for the jobs – and it was extremely difficult to come to a decision. The quality of the candidates is partly demonstrated by some positions being filled by two candidates and partly by the feelings of sadness that some of the candidates were unable to be given positions. As with many appointments, the strength of the team, rather than individual appointments, was seen as an essential factor in coming to decisions.
The final appointments were as follows:
Vice Chairs of the School Council: Maryam, Jung Seok
Events Assistant Coordinators: Toy, Po
Service, Charity & Community Assistant Coordinator: Sonam
Duty Assistant Coordinator: Kim D
Eco Assistant Coordinator: Yasmin
Coordinator for Internationalism: Dechen