Regents’ annual House Debate Competition was a true success. Over the course of one week, students from across the year groups debated topical, controversial and thought-provoking debates.

Our Junior years debated environmental topics:
Should customers be charged for plastic bags?
Should littering become a criminal offence?

Our Middle years discussed issues to do with advertising and representations:
Should skin whitening products be banned?
Should companies be fined for only using light skinned models?

Our Seniors debated issues to with social media and free speech:
Should world leaders be allowed social media accounts?
Should social media comments be protected by freedom of speech?

Even though they only found out which side they would debating on a few minutes before the debate, every argument was carefully and intelligently constructed. Every student put forward strong, challenging arguments with the hope of winning the house debating cup. Our students showed strong leadership skills as well as fantastic teamwork. As an English teacher, I was very impressed by our students’ use of persuasive techniques- they are clearly paying attention in their lessons!

In the end, there could only be one winner. Our year 9 and 10 students did a fantastic job in their debates. Their arguments were very well put together, and they worked to the strengths of their team. They have set the bar high for next year’s debate competition!

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