On the 9th of October Year 11 and Year 13 students studying Design and Technology had visitors from the IED Italian School of Design who came to run a workshop at school. The IED Italian School of Design is a tertiary institution that has strong links with industry leaders in fields of Design, ranging from Automotive Design to Jewelry Design and lots more in-between. The representatives from IED Italian School of Design showed the students how to improve their creativity and participated in a creative collage exercise. The students completed the task very well; they enjoyed it and were engaged through the duration of the task. The students were shown skills that are developed at IED Italian School of Design through the different programmes that they run. The workshop was concluded with an inspiring and informative talk about their facilities and the courses that they offer. Hopefully this will lead to more students seeing the benefits of careers based on Design and Technology and the options available from Tertiary Institutions, such as IED Italian School of Design, that lead to fulfilling and well paid careers.