The girls started the game as they meant to go on, scoring the first 2 baskets. Even as Ascot tried to fight back through the first quarter, Regent’s displayed amazing team work in their passing and supportive play to continue to score baskets.
At half time, the girls hard work on improving their fitness really showed. They outplayed Ascot down the court and worked hard to rebound all shots.
The final quarter was a challenge to maintain focus and concentration. Maryam’s tactics and brilliant communication kept the team together. Lhaki’s supportive play and shooting kept points on the board. Tshering and Migle’s consistent rebounding earned us important possession. Sylvia and Lissa’s hustle down the court kept the opposition under pressure. Sunny and Xinxins accurate passing and decision making provided us with endless opportunities. This truly was a fabulous team performance.
Well done girls!