During half term break a group of Regent’s students travelled to Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand to help out with one of Operation Smile’s medical missions. Operation Smile provides free and safe surgeries to children with cleft lip and cleft palate as well as other birth defects and injuries.  

Mae Hong Son welcomed the group with its cooler weather and beautiful blue skies. Weary from the long layover from Chiang Mai students began by making goodie-bags ready for the screenings the next day and then enjoyed a trip to the nearby Temple night market.

The next day at the local Hospital the screenings took place. Hundreds of people from villages and hill tribes are assessed and hope to be granted the opportunity to receive an operation. Regent’s students befriended and played with children, distributing toys along with the bags prepared last night. After lunch they visited one of the children’s wards where they made decorations, brightening up the rooms to make them as colourful as possible.

On the morning of the third day students attended the operating theatres and sat in on 4 operations. This was fascinating; the doctors and surgeons explained everything that was going on and the afternoon students met some of the patients who had been in surgery earlier in the morning.

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