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Primary students have been learning about endangered species. They researched and found out that humans are mostly the cause!  They saw short videos of conservation projects and found out what we can do to help.  Picking up litter in the playground made sure that our school environment is safe for all living creatures.  They also made fabulous masks of an endangered animal.

Thai K9 Search and Rescue At Regent’s

As part of the annual ‘Round Square Week’ our students were treated to a display by the Thai K9 Search and Rescue Team. This voluntary run organisation educated our students on how important dogs can be within our society.

They explained how their dogs undergo extensive training to make sure they are ready should there be a sudden emergency such as a natural disaster or a building collapse. The dogs are trained to use their incredible sense of smell to search for missing people, and alert their handler once they have found them.

A mock earthquake scene was set up in the secondary foyer and dogs were sent to search for our students who volunteered to be “missing victims”. It was fantastic to watch the dogs working and helping humans in such a way, and the students were delighted and amazed by their skills. The team also demonstrated K9 Savannah’s other impressive skills: She is Thailand’s only cancer detection dog, and is also Thailand’s only therapy dog for disabled people.

To learn more about the work of the Thai Rescue Dog Association please follow this link:

Environmental Systems and Societies – Year 12

Year 12 ESS students had the opportunity to meet with Eric Davidson and Doug Goessman a former US Fish and Wildlife federal agent to discuss wildlife and forestry crime. Here students were shown how dangerous the ivory trade is. Year 12 students then participated in a group discussion on methods that can help stop this. Overall it was agreed that when demand falls then ivory trade will diminish. This was a fantastic opportunity for students to see how they can use their subject knowledge beyond the syllabus.

Regent’s hosted 2 booths at the Smile-Carnival

Regent’s Smile-Club have been working tirelessly throughout this academic year assisting in organizing the Smile-Carnival hosted by Operation Smile that took place on April 1st at National Stadium. The Smile-Carnival was a student led charity event where all proceeds went to providing children with surgeries for facial deformities in particular cleft lips and palates surgery. The Regents Smile-Club hosted two booths, the Haunted Maze and the Henna Booth which were the most popular destinations of the night! The students raised 30,000 baht through fundraisers in school to pay for the expenses of the booth.

Last year, the student led charity event raised over 3 million baht and this year the students aim to reach their new personal best.

Year 11 and 12 community service (Operations Smile)

In February a group of Year 12 and Year 11 students went to Mae Hong Son to visit patients undergoing surgery for cleft lips and cleft palate. The students have been working alongside Operation Smile for the past year to help generate funds and personally help the needy.

Here is what one of our students have say about the overall experience:

“We have been working alongside Operation Smile to make this trip happen and it was truly life-changing. We observed the surgery in the operating room and also remained at the ward with people who were waiting or just got out of surgery. Hearing different background stories was really heartbreaking for us. But we were glad that they were there to get the surgery they need.

Seeing where all of our fundraising and donations went to really puts things into perspective. It made us realize how much change can take place when we raise money from bake sales, mufti days etc. We came back more passionate and knowledgeable about the charity and have been working hard since then to help in any way we can.”

Fundraising for Smile Carnival

On World Book Day, the Smile Club organised a pizza and doughnut sale to raise money for the Smile Carnival – hosted by Operation Smile Thailand. This is not the first time they had fundraising. Altogether with the previous pizza/doughnut sales, they have raised over 3000 Baht.IMG_9747

Year 13 Community Service | Kiiran Care Foundation

Year 13 students’ CAS project focuses on Kiiran Care Foundation, a school run for Pakistani, Somalian and Burmese refugees and asylum-seekers. The school was opened last August and it has 67 students aged 4- 14.

Our students raised 8,588 Baht through fundraising activities such as pizza sale and coffee run. The money raised for students at Kiiran Care Foundation was used for basic necessities, playground equipment, paint and paint brushes for murals. Some of these items were donated by school students as well. The students went on-site to work with the children and improve the school.

ServICE Conference 2017

A group of 16 Regent’s Bangkok students recently attended the ServICE Conference at Bangkok Patana School – this year’s theme was UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


The experience at the ServICE conference was extremely life-changing for me – this is no exaggeration. Before going to the conference, I was hesitant of whether I should go along to tor not after hearing that I would have to be participating with 200 other students from schools around Thailand. I am rather introverted and uncomfortable in places where there are lots of people and I am required to interact with them. However, the icebreaker sessions during the first two days helped me to step out of my comfort zone and enabled me to try and interact with others. I believe that through these icebreaker sessions, I have gradually learnt that everybody who has come to the conference all are outgoing and friendly, I didn’t have a reason to be afraid. As the days went by, I got much more comfortable of being engaging and participating in several discussions and icebreakers; I came to the conclusion that not fearing people was the best way to get to know all these inspiring and creative minds. Besides, for the several keynotes and workshops that were held in the conference, they have inspired me to think about the global issues around the world, and how we are still able to make a change if we actually put our minds to it. The talks motivated myself to take action, and how there are multiple people aiming for these goals to make the earth much more better than it can be today. The passion that everybody has been showing in their keynotes and speeches has motivated me to pursue what I want to achieve, and to also be driven into being proactive with our own communities.

– Jenny Kim (Year 12)

Children’s Day at Good Shepherd Sisters

To join the ‘Children’s Day’ celebrations Year 6 visited Good Shepherd Sisters on Friday 13th January.  All the children were presented with a small gift and had a wonderful time carrying out fun learning activities for the children there.

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