As part of the annual ‘Round Square Week’ our students were treated to a display by the Thai K9 Search and Rescue Team. This voluntary run organisation educated our students on how important dogs can be within our society.

They explained how their dogs undergo extensive training to make sure they are ready should there be a sudden emergency such as a natural disaster or a building collapse. The dogs are trained to use their incredible sense of smell to search for missing people, and alert their handler once they have found them.

A mock earthquake scene was set up in the secondary foyer and dogs were sent to search for our students who volunteered to be “missing victims”. It was fantastic to watch the dogs working and helping humans in such a way, and the students were delighted and amazed by their skills. The team also demonstrated K9 Savannah’s other impressive skills: She is Thailand’s only cancer detection dog, and is also Thailand’s only therapy dog for disabled people.

To learn more about the work of the Thai Rescue Dog Association please follow this link: