In February a group of Year 12 and Year 11 students went to Mae Hong Son to visit patients undergoing surgery for cleft lips and cleft palate. The students have been working alongside Operation Smile for the past year to help generate funds and personally help the needy.

Here is what one of our students have say about the overall experience:

“We have been working alongside Operation Smile to make this trip happen and it was truly life-changing. We observed the surgery in the operating room and also remained at the ward with people who were waiting or just got out of surgery. Hearing different background stories was really heartbreaking for us. But we were glad that they were there to get the surgery they need.

Seeing where all of our fundraising and donations went to really puts things into perspective. It made us realize how much change can take place when we raise money from bake sales, mufti days etc. We came back more passionate and knowledgeable about the charity and have been working hard since then to help in any way we can.”