Regents International School, Bangkok was represented by 17 students at the annual FOBISIA International Environmental Conference in Kathmandu Nepal last week. The focus of the conference was for students to learn about how the people of Nepal are endeavouring to protect their fragile environment, during a time of increased urbanisation. Nepal’s natural beauty is internationally renowned boasting no less than 10 UNESCO World heritage sites.

Students learnt how Good Earth Nepal (, a charitable organisation are teaching local Nepalis how to rebuild their homes after the earthquake of 2015, in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. Students then took this new found knowledge and used it to construct a set of park benches that will be used by the Nepali people and hikers on the Kathmandu Ridge. Following on from this, students were taught how to make low energy lighting and air-conditioning systems from recycled materials and test them out in a real life setting.

Dr Prakash Bhave from ICIMOD ( then delivered a very interesting lecture on air pollution and showed how serious the problem is to human health and the wider impact it has on the environment. Students were then given a guided tour of the ICIMOD facilities and shown how technology and modern agricultural practices are being used to boost the economic prospects of the people of the Himalayas.

Although this was a fantastic learning opportunity it was also a great occasion for our students to socialise with over 70 delegates from around the world, making new friends and learning about different cultures.