A group of 16 Regent’s Bangkok students recently attended the ServICE Conference at Bangkok Patana School – this year’s theme was UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


The experience at the ServICE conference was extremely life-changing for me – this is no exaggeration. Before going to the conference, I was hesitant of whether I should go along to tor not after hearing that I would have to be participating with 200 other students from schools around Thailand. I am rather introverted and uncomfortable in places where there are lots of people and I am required to interact with them. However, the icebreaker sessions during the first two days helped me to step out of my comfort zone and enabled me to try and interact with others. I believe that through these icebreaker sessions, I have gradually learnt that everybody who has come to the conference all are outgoing and friendly, I didn’t have a reason to be afraid. As the days went by, I got much more comfortable of being engaging and participating in several discussions and icebreakers; I came to the conclusion that not fearing people was the best way to get to know all these inspiring and creative minds. Besides, for the several keynotes and workshops that were held in the conference, they have inspired me to think about the global issues around the world, and how we are still able to make a change if we actually put our minds to it. The talks motivated myself to take action, and how there are multiple people aiming for these goals to make the earth much more better than it can be today. The passion that everybody has been showing in their keynotes and speeches has motivated me to pursue what I want to achieve, and to also be driven into being proactive with our own communities.

– Jenny Kim (Year 12)