This year, 9 of our students represented the school at the Round Square International Conference. The conference took place in Germany from the 10th to 16th of October.

Read what our students had to say about their experience at the conference.

Through this conference i was able to understand why internationalism was one of the ideals of round square. From the different nationalities that i encountered, I have expanded my knowledge of the global issues surrounding us. In our Barraza groups, we were also able to share our personal experiences and opinions without disrespecting each other’s race or beliefs. We grew so close in a number of days. That was definitely the best part of the conference for me, because each one of us came from different backgrounds, and the ability to connect and share a part of my journey with them has truly been a sensational experience.

The Round Square Conference 2016 in Hamburg, Germany has been a remarkable and enjoyable trip. Full with exciting activities along with our barazas group, in which help making us knows each other, both about their identity and their home-country culture by communicating with them during an activity or at our own free time. I’ve met many unique and interesting individuals around the world, such as from Kenya, South Africa, Singapore, Canada, British, Morocco, India… and the list goes on! Also full with various keynote speakers around the world talking about their passions and their valuable life lessons, which we could learn from and use as a guidance in guiding us to grow and become who we actually are. Truly a journey that makes us!