From the Round Square coordinator in Primary:

We had an exciting Round Square week in Primary this year. Our little adventurers showed their bravery by scaling the heights of the climbing walls in the racquet club. Many students also tried Parkour for the first time.

Our little environmentalist learned about endangered animals and conservation in our Eco Warriors activity. They made posters and animal masks to educate the whole school community.

Our international and cultural activities focused mainly on Thailand. Students learned how to cook famous Thai dishes and enjoyed Thai arts and crafts at Sampran riverside. Some children spent a day learning Thai dance. One of our most popular activities was Going Bananas. The children made banana desserts and also made toys from banana leaves.

From the Round Square coordinator in Secondary:

This year for Round Square Week the students focused on the theme of ‘Discover more…Seek, Search and Explore’. The initiative of the week was to push students to try new activities and empower them to develop new skills. Thus, enhancing their understanding of the spirits of the Round Square IDEALS.

The Laos Service Trip was an invaluable opportunity for students to visit the UXO Centre in Luang Prabang, raise awareness and engage in activities to explore their surroundings such as kayaking and cooking.

On campus, a group of year 9 students created a colourful mural painting to celebrate ‘International Festivals’. During the week, the Animal Welfare project brought rescue dogs and police dogs into school to raise awareness of and educate students about the issue and local animal shelters. In addition, the on-campus carousel allowed students to experience and try a variety of activities from sports, creating art from waste to Tai Qi and meditation.

The Off-Campus ‘Discovery’ carousels facilitated participation in activities which incorporated a number of IDEALS. In the Seek carousel, the students tried their hand at wakeboarding, visited exhibitions by international artists at the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre and were educated about local wildlife conservation at the Bang Phra Bird Sanctuary. Meanwhile, in the Search carousel students learned about sustainable farming at Farm De Lek, prepared traditional Thai dishes and trained in natural and body weight movements at Asia Parkour. Lastly, the Explore carousel involved a lot of adventure with zip-lining at the Flight of the Gibbon, cycling in the Bangkok Jungle in Bang Kra Jao, and a day visiting the Chinese Cultural Centre.