The following students have been given a special award by their teacher for an exemplary attitude, hard work and dedication to learning. Read on to find out more!

photo (5)KS3
Jija – Y7

Jija has been exceptionally enthusiastic in the first few weeks and is always the first to put her hand up and answer a question. She has worked hard on her speech, and has shown real creativity in her writing.

Dr Sweeting

photo (6)KS4

Beck – Y11

Beck has shown incredible maturity and conscientiousness since the term began. His homework is completed to a high standard, he is giving 100% effort in class and has shown a monumental improvement in attitude since Y10 – well done Beck!

Miss Neill

photo (7)KS5

Mint – Y12

For her commitment, hard work and excellent presentation Mint deserves to be KS5 Student of the Month.  Mint’s work is detailed, thorough and well considered and shows sophistication and maturity in both ideas and execution.  Well done Mint.

Mrs Brookes