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Regent’s participates in U13 FOBISIA Games


The competition will be etched into the memory of its participants! 15 keen and enthusiastic students from the Regent’s International School, Bangkok contested across 4 days of intense sports based activity. Their wits and nerve was tested against 180 students from other parts of the Asian continent, in Athletics, Swimming, Football and Basketball. Despite huge rivalry, a major draw to the games was to make new friends. Success can be measured in many ways; by comparing improvement or by the visual collection of silverware at the end of such a tournament.
Team Photo 2

I am happy to report that our group of 15 young athletes managed to do both. The attitude and integrity of all of our participants was excellent and they competed without fear to ensure we reached the finals of both the Boys Football and the Girls Basketball competition.

In addition, numerous medals were collected by individuals during “Track and field” and “Swimming”. The Games concluded with a Gala Disco; a chance for students to celebrate the success of achievement but more importantly to throw a few shapes in time with music in ritual like fashion.
The following students were a credit to the School during their involvement in the games. FOBISIA Team captains Amey & Fay, along with team members, Ann-ann, Ichigo, Tor, Waii, Zahra, Gain, Shree, Moss, Jessie, Jimmy, Tim, Charlie and Andy.

Mr. Lee Burns
(Head of Physical Education & Sport)

The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture Trip

Year 9 had an education trip to The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture on Wednesday,16th March.

They have gained experience on Thai History and Culture as well as learnt more about Thai agriculture and the life of Thai people in the past.

We hope to grow rice and build a soil house next time!

Health and Wellbeing Secondary Theme Day

On Wednesday 2nd March Regent’s School Bangkok hosted the 2nd Health and Wellbeing Theme Day. The day began with secondary students discussing in their tutor groups case studies on obesity, depression and other mental health disorders. Students pondered ‘Why do you think there are so many students with mental health / obesity problems these days?’ ‘How do students in international schools like Regents differ from those in the UK in terms of obesity / mental health issues?’ ‘What can the school, students, and parents do to support them?’. Students were them introduced to the task of creating an impacting poster as part of the Regents Health and Wellbeing Poster Competition to bring awareness to an health issue of their choice.

See more photos on Facebook.

Students then walked over the auditorium to start activities led by our Prefect Team and hosted by Head students, Adarsh Puri and Mint Waisarayudh. We were introduced to current physical and mental health issues faced globally and locally. The whole secondary school then took part in an interactive quiz, guessing the answers to questions such as “1 in how many people suffer from some sort of mental disorder?”. Students had to run to the corner representing their answer, e.g. “2, 3, 4 or 10”. If they were correct they could do ‘Happy Baby’ yoga pose, if they were incorrect it was “25 Star Jumps”! FYI – The correct answer is 1 in 4 people suffer from some sort of mental disorder.

After the auditorium session, students rotated through the school, attending workshops on topics such as ‘Global Issues – Food & Water’, ‘Tai Qi’, and ‘Alcohol and Drugs’ and more. At lunchtime, the Health and Wellbeing Fair began which included companies such as Maprao Coconut Water, Hilltribe Organics, Super Fresh Hydroponic vegetables, Psychology Services Bangkok as well as an interactive lesson from Asia Parkour. The Year 12s also prepared their own stalls selling healthy treats such as natural sugar ice cream, fruit delight, and gluten-free healthy pancakes.

At the end of the day, students worked on their posters and wrote out their reflections on yellow ‘leaves’ pinned to the ‘Reflection Tree’ . As one student put it “I learned how to take care of myself better”, which is what we hope all students will concentrate on this year as we come closer to exams.

Secondary Weekly Debate

Each week, secondary students contribute to a different weekly debate.
Check out the padlet at this address to follow the discussion:

By Ms. Brookes, English Teacher

Secondary Weekly Debate

Each week, all staff and students are invited to contribute to a weekly debate. Have a look at what we’ve been debating this week.

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2016 Thailand Maths Challenge Finalist Results

British International School, Phuket (BISP) and Rangsit University’s College of Information and Communication Technology are proud to announce the winner of the 2015-16 Thailand Maths Challenge. Yu Qing Wu from Bangkok Patana school turned in a incredibly impressive performance to claim first place. Her achievement is all the more impressive given that she is still only in Year 11 at school and was competing with students up to two years older than herself.
The finalists round was held at Rangsit University’s Sky Lounge, which was arranged by Dr Suttisak Jantavongso Associate Dean of International Affairs at the University. Students had to complete 3 rounds of problem solving questions. The focus was on a branch of mathematics called Number Theory – which requires rigorous proof and mathematical logic.
The competition was judged by organiser Andrew Chambers, and fellow judge Assistant Professor Wongsakorn Charoenpanitseri. Professor Charoenpanitseri was one of the coordinators for the World Mathematics Olympiad held last year in Thailand and so brought a great deal of experience into the judging process. Both judges remarked about how impressed they were by the high standard of mathematics on display. As Andrew Chambers remarked, “We have seen some truly remarkable young mathematicians today – and possibly some mathematical stars of the future.”
Second place was also claimed by a Bangkok Patana student, Benjada Karprasertsri, whilst third place went to Santkorn Gorsagun from Mahidol University Demonstration School. There were also good results from Anglo Singapore and Trinity International School. The top three students were all offered full and partial scholarships to study at Rangsit University at the College of ICT.
Over 200 of Thailand’s top schools were invited to participate: international schools, bilingual schools, Thai private schools, and state schools in order to find the best young mathematicians in the country. The initial round was conducted at schools where teachers selected 3 students to represent them. The best students from this round were then invited to the finalists day at Rangsit University.
The student’s selected to compete in the first round were Mint Waisarayudh (Yr12), Mint Mahuttanatan (Yr13) and Khwan Wittayachanyapong (Yr13).
Andrew Chambers said, “Both the judges were extremely impressed by the entries from The Regent’s Bangkok this year – in particular Mint (Yr 13) who showed a real mathematical flair.” Mint was invited to the finalists day. However, it was a great shame that she had to be away with her family on finals day which was held during half term.

By Mr. Mark Riddelsdell

Year Outdoor Education Trip

For three days last week, 39 Year 8 students were whisked away from school to take part in some fun and challenging activities. Our first afternoon was spent settling into camp and heading out on Jungle Treks; Where we were able to see some fantastic flora and fauna – even the considerable claw marks left in the trunk of a tree from a neighborhood bear! Day two saw a mix of river kayaking, rock climbing and the very popular zip-line.


It was awesome being able to see students overcome some of their fears and achieve things they perhaps didn’t think they would ever be able to do. That evening the students were then tasked with cooking their own supper – they were split into small groups and were given a BBQ, food and utensils – some of the results were delicious.

The final day’s activity was to go paint-balling! The students were split into four groups, each group had to then try to capture their opponents flag without being shot. Thankfully not too many bodies came away bruised and battered. After a short bus journey back to camp it was then time to head home to Bangkok.

Many thanks to all of the students for their great attitude and exemplary behavior throughout the trip.

By Mr. Craig Harrison, Head of Outdoor Education

IGCSE PE Students head to TISAC Badminton tournament

On Wednesday, eight Year 11 IGCSE PE students took a trip to the TISAC Senior Badminton tournament as part of their practical assessment. They played opponents from other Bangkok TISAC schools and had a great day.

We captured some great footage for their PE moderation which is part of their practical grade.
Well done all.

By Ms. Rebecca Edwards, PE Teacher

Year 12 trip to MOCA

Year 12 Art students visited the Museum of Contemporary Art ‘MOCA’ today with a focus on portraits.

They investigated the many ways different Artist’s represent portraits, from the most realistic images to the subtle and abstract. This is the start of their new journey whereby they will produce their own self portrait.

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