On Wednesday 2nd March Regent’s School Bangkok hosted the 2nd Health and Wellbeing Theme Day. The day began with secondary students discussing in their tutor groups case studies on obesity, depression and other mental health disorders. Students pondered ‘Why do you think there are so many students with mental health / obesity problems these days?’ ‘How do students in international schools like Regents differ from those in the UK in terms of obesity / mental health issues?’ ‘What can the school, students, and parents do to support them?’. Students were them introduced to the task of creating an impacting poster as part of the Regents Health and Wellbeing Poster Competition to bring awareness to an health issue of their choice.

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Students then walked over the auditorium to start activities led by our Prefect Team and hosted by Head students, Adarsh Puri and Mint Waisarayudh. We were introduced to current physical and mental health issues faced globally and locally. The whole secondary school then took part in an interactive quiz, guessing the answers to questions such as “1 in how many people suffer from some sort of mental disorder?”. Students had to run to the corner representing their answer, e.g. “2, 3, 4 or 10”. If they were correct they could do ‘Happy Baby’ yoga pose, if they were incorrect it was “25 Star Jumps”! FYI – The correct answer is 1 in 4 people suffer from some sort of mental disorder.

After the auditorium session, students rotated through the school, attending workshops on topics such as ‘Global Issues – Food & Water’, ‘Tai Qi’, and ‘Alcohol and Drugs’ and more. At lunchtime, the Health and Wellbeing Fair began which included companies such as Maprao Coconut Water, Hilltribe Organics, Super Fresh Hydroponic vegetables, Psychology Services Bangkok as well as an interactive lesson from Asia Parkour. The Year 12s also prepared their own stalls selling healthy treats such as natural sugar ice cream, fruit delight, and gluten-free healthy pancakes.

At the end of the day, students worked on their posters and wrote out their reflections on yellow ‘leaves’ pinned to the ‘Reflection Tree’ . As one student put it “I learned how to take care of myself better”, which is what we hope all students will concentrate on this year as we come closer to exams.