For three days last week, 39 Year 8 students were whisked away from school to take part in some fun and challenging activities. Our first afternoon was spent settling into camp and heading out on Jungle Treks; Where we were able to see some fantastic flora and fauna – even the considerable claw marks left in the trunk of a tree from a neighborhood bear! Day two saw a mix of river kayaking, rock climbing and the very popular zip-line.


It was awesome being able to see students overcome some of their fears and achieve things they perhaps didn’t think they would ever be able to do. That evening the students were then tasked with cooking their own supper – they were split into small groups and were given a BBQ, food and utensils – some of the results were delicious.

The final day’s activity was to go paint-balling! The students were split into four groups, each group had to then try to capture their opponents flag without being shot. Thankfully not too many bodies came away bruised and battered. After a short bus journey back to camp it was then time to head home to Bangkok.

Many thanks to all of the students for their great attitude and exemplary behavior throughout the trip.

By Mr. Craig Harrison, Head of Outdoor Education